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HertsHelp are a service who can support with the cost of food and energy bills. They can also help if you are worried about finances, emotional support and well-being. The trained friendly advisors can offer confidential assistance and put you in touch with helpful services and local support. You can also discuss how to make an application for the Governments Household Support Fund(HSF), where funding is available to help with things like the cost of energy and food. 

Call  0300 123 4044 or visit or email


Tips to save on your bills

1.You can save money washing up in a bowl rather than under a running tap.

2.Buying a special energy efficient shower head helps on bills.

3.Put a timer in the bathroom when having a shower and cut one minute off each shower.

4.Washing clothes at 30 degrees rather then 40 degrees can reduce your energy usage. If you do one less wash a week this can also save money.

5. Buy a winter duvet or put blankets on your current duvet. Keeping the heating on all night is costly

6.Line your letterbox with something to stop cold air coming in

7. Draught excluders on the bottom of doors can stop cold air coming in and making the room cold. This means you don't have to turn the heating up so can save money.

8. Use the same bath water for everyone (if it's not too dirty!) Turn the running tap off when brushing your teeth

9. Turn off all lights when leaving a room. 

10. Turn the T.V off at the plug rather than leaving it on standby as this costs more money


Hertfordshire Energy Advice Tool (HEAT)

This free app can save money on your energy bills. It gives a quick, virtual tour of a typical home asking a range of questions. Based on your answers, simple, low or no cost actions are suggested and an advice email can be sent to you of the energy and money savings you can make


Potters Bar and Borehamwood Foodbank

Foodbanks are a project founded by local community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area. They are able to provide a variety of food to meet your families' needs or offer you vouchers to use. You can contact them directly yourselves or speak to the school office confidentially for further support.  

Potters Bar contact details-     Tel: 07367789410 & 07310854178   email:

Borehamwood contact detailswww.    Tel: 020 3583 1109