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Welcome to our Nursery page! Please check this page regularly as we will be sharing information, updates and learning here.  In Nursery, we do not have set topics. Instead we follow the interests of the children and let these guide us into topics and themes. Our curriculum is skills based and supports each child on their individual learning journey. Throughout the year there are some calendar events that we will look at together with Reception and use as opportunities for learning. 

Week Beginning 18th January 2021 

Well done everyone for all your home learning last week! We loved receiving all the photos, videos and comments online and seeing all our lovely children engaged in learning at home really made us smile!  This week our Nursery class reopens and we're so looking forward to welcoming many of you back to school!  For those of you still at home, we will still be providing some online daily tasks for you to access.  In addition, on Friday 22nd January, we will be having another live Zoom.  The link will be posted later in the week.  Remember if you do need any advice or support, don't hesitate to email in! 

This week we're having a Maths focus, using the book 'Ten Little Pirates'.  We will be counting back from 10 to zero! We're also going to be making our own number lines and learning number rhymes, as well as continuing to learn our phonic sounds.  Dough Disco will continue this week too - thank you so much for all your lovely comments about it - we're so glad that you're enjoying it!!


Just a reminder that you will find daily learning task/videos on this webpage, one will include daily phonics.  The following days’ videos will be available to view from 8pm the night before. We ask that any work is sent in via the Evidence Me website please.


Should you need to email Miss Almond for any help, advice or support please feel free to contact via the nursery email or We kindly ask that any learning your children do is submitted via the Evidence Me website. We thank you for all your support! 

Wednesday 20th January’s Learning 

Happy Wednesday! We do hope you're having a good week so far.  Today we attach a powerpoint that includes lots of number counting rhymes that you can teach our friend the crow! Crow loves to sing and would love to hear your little ones learning the rhyme then singing it to us!  Can you record your child practicing a rhyme? Did they have a favourite?


Wednesday’s Phonics

Tuesday 19th January’s Learning 

Happy Tuesday everybody! We do hope you're all well.  Today's task is to continue to read the rest of our 'Ten Little Pirates' story (from 5 to 0 pirates!) and then count down from 10 to zero in first a loud voice, then a quiet voice, then a whispering voice, a low voice and finally a high voice! Explain to the children that the pirates need number flags for their ship (as they get a bit confused!). Explain that we need to teach the pirates their numbers.  Can they use choose a number (1-10) and write that number on an A4 piece of paper then add a flag pole to it (this could be a straw, a tower of duplo, a long spoon etc).  Can they then go and collect you from around the house the matching amount of objects? (eg. they draw a number 6, they go and collect 6 cars/6 dolls etc). Please continue to post your learning on Evidence Me as we LOVE to see it all!


In addition, could your child make an eye patch and a hat and play pretend pirates? 

Don't forget your Dough Disco again today! Here's the link: 

Tuesday’s Phonics

Monday 18th January’s Learning

As many of us return back to Nursery today, we will continue to set the children who are staying at home some daily tasks.  This week we will be focusing on our Maths!  Today we as we will be looking at the book 'Ten Little Pirates'.  Please copy and paste the following link into your search bar to hear the story:  Our focus this week is counting down from 10.  At the end of each page today, ask your child to tell you how many pirates there are left. Stop today once you reach 5 pirates.  Then count down with your child from 5 to 0. Maybe you could have a go at using a pirate voice children!! 


In addition to this, children can use their playdough to go to the Dough Disco again today!  This develops both their hand-eye coordination but also their finger strength!  

Monday’s Phonics

Friday 15th January's Learning

Don't forget today FRIDAY 15TH JANUARY we're going to hold a live Zoom to say hello to you all and hold a little show and tell.  If children have something they'd like to share or talk about (a Christmas present for example) we'll try and share as many as we can!  We'll see you online at 1pm! Details of the zoom are below:

Topic: Nursery hello!
Time: Jan 15, 2021 01:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 952 0620 2133
Passcode: C4FP5J

For today’s Dough Disco, you’ll need to bring along your dough from yesterday!

We’re off to the Dough Disco!

Friday’s Phonics

Thursday 14th January's Learning

We're going to hold a live zoom THIS FRIDAY 15TH JANUARY to say hello to you all and hold a little show and tell.  If children have something they'd like to share or talk about (a Christmas present for example) we'll try and share as many as we can!  We'll see you online at 1pm this friday! 

Miss Almond is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Nursery hello!
Time: Jan 15, 2021 01:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 952 0620 2133
Passcode: C4FP5J


Making Playdough Part 1

Making Playdough Part 2

Thursday’s Phonics

Wednesday 13th January's Learning

Wednesday’s Literacy

Wednesday’s Phonics

Tuesday 12th January's Learning 

Tuesday’s Literacy

Tuesday’s Phonics

Monday 11th January’s Learning 

Monday’s Literacy

Monday’s Phonics

Friday 8th January’s Learning

Friday's Literacy

Friday’s Phonics

Thursday 7th January’s Learning

Thursday’s Maths

Thursday’s Phonics

Wednesday 6th January’s Learning

Wednesday’s Maths Part 1

Wednesday’s Maths Part 2

Wednesday’s Phonics

Tuesday 5th January’s Learning

Tuesday’s Literacy

Tuesday’s Phonics

Monday 4th January Learning


Phonics | Wakefield Pinders Primary School

Alongside still encouraging your child to tune into environmental sounds all around them, from Tuesday 5th January, the children will receive a daily phonics session via videos on this webpage. These will be daily sessions your child can engage with! We follow the 'Read, Write, Inc' phonics and reading scheme at Cranborne.  Our first sounds to be introduced in the week commencing the 6th January will be the letter sounds:


w/c 6th January: m, a, s and d

w/c 11th January: t, i, n, p and g

w/c 18th January: o, c, k, u and b


Let's Move!

Research has shown that the best way to get our children's brains working first thing in the morning is to move! Please find below a list of fun websites that will get your children active in the mornings and ready to learn!

1. PE with Joe!

2. Cosmic Kids Yoga

3. Andy’s Wild Workouts

4. GoNoodle

5. Koo Koo Kangeroo

7. The Learning Station


Fine Motor Activities! 

Help your child develop their own fine motor control whilst at home in a fun way!

Exciting Events Coming Up... 




Our Weekly Timetable 

Working From Home

 In the event of your child being unwell or your family needing to isolate for ten days, please see below ten days of activities that your child can complete if well enough to do so. 

At the bottom of this page we also have some useful website. 

If you need any help or support when working from home then please email Miss Almond

Miss Almond:

Thank you 

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