Design and Technology develops children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. It encourages children's creativity and encourages them to think about important issues.


At Cranborne, we want the children to become designers and technologists and understand the life-long skills that give Design and Technology (D&T) relevance to real life and future career opportunities. Our intention is to foster and develop, in the children, a sense of how to take risks and become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. 

We ensure D&T is taught following the National Curriculum (Years 1-6) and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Expressive Arts & Design guidelines. Our lessons are cross curricular, covering the skills and knowledge needed in a fun and interesting way, stimulating children’s interest in and curiosity about D&T. We intend to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the changing world of D&T by encouraging pupils to ask questions and propose solutions to D&T problems. We aim to develop children’s competence and mastery in specific D&T skills so they can achieve their full potential.

In Years 1-6, D&T is taught weekly, during part of each term or blocked over a week or two, culminating in making and evaluating a particular product. Children acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of materials and components, mechanisms and control systems, structures, food, existing products, quality and health and safety.

The children complete projects by first investigating and evaluating existing products. They then move on to complete focused tasks in which they develop particular aspects of knowledge and skills. Later they progress to designing and making activities, where the children design and make 'something' for 'somebody' for 'some purpose'. Finally they reflect on their learning by evaluating their finished product. 

A copy of our DT curriculum map can be found below: