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Welcome to Year 6 


Here you will find all the information that you may need throughout the year: email addresses, resources and key dates. You will also find an outline of the topics we are covering each term for every subject.  

E-mail addresses




Important information/Key dates:

Friday 2nd September = First day back for children

Monday 12th September = Friday 16th September - Bikeability

Monday 3rd October = Victorian Day at school

Monday 24th October - Friday 28th October = Half Term 

Friday 4th November = Firework night 6pm

Tuesday 20th December = End of term. 1:15 finish



Useful Transition Resources:


To start the year, the children


We will continue to teach the children to infer information, understand vocabulary and summarise texts while explicitly teaching them how to answer specific questions including those that require evidence to support their answer. Some examples of these questions are:

  • Find and copy a word that shows/means/tells you...
  • Give one piece of evidence that shows...
  • What does …. suggest about …..?
  • How does …… seem …..? Give evidence to support your answer.
  • Which word is closes in meaning to ….? 

To further support their writing, your child will be given 10 spelling words to learn each week.  The children will complete tests on these words to check how well they are learning them. 

Oxford owl:

For extra spelling resources and ebooks please follow this link: 

Username: cranborne

Password: school 1 


During Autumn Term, we learn about a range of topics:

  • Place value
  • Multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000
  • Mental strategies
  • The 4 operations ( + - X ÷)
  • Factors and multiples
  • Ordering, comparing, adding and subtracting equivalent fractions. 

In these lessons, we will practise arithmetic skills that are of a similar style to their SATs questions, along with reasoning and problem solving questions based on these skills.

To help at home, please practise times tables, division facts and mental fluency every day.



In science this term, we will look at Darwin's theory of evolution, characteristics that can be inherited and how and why animals adapt to their environments. We will be reading Moth by Isabel Thomas to see the adaptation of the peppered moth. There are lots of lovely books to read around this topic such as Amazing Evolution, When the Wales Walked, When Darwin sailed the sea and lots more!





During this topic, we will be looking at coasts around the UK. We will look at erosion and strategies of coastal management. We will be sharing experiences of coasts that the children have been to and have a sneak peak into one of our visits during the Isle of Wight - The Needles.



Psychical, social, heath and emotional lessons involve looking at our goals and worries for this year. We will discuss what our human rights are and how our actions and behaviour can lead to consequences.



Our PE Days will be on Tuesday and Friday afternoon. We would like the children to bring their PE kits in on this day, and they will get changed at school.








Year 6 Teacher Assessment Framework for Writing

Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings

Useful resources:


The websites listed below may be useful in supporting your learning this year: