At Cranborne we are committed to providing the children with high-quality Music lessons. Music lessons are taught using a specialist website called Charanga Music. This website allows the milestones across the age ranges, from EYFS to Year 6, to be comprehensively covered through a range of songs and fun activities. Children begin in Reception to sing and recite action songs and by Year 6 they are able to compose music on different instruments. Music is a subject that has unfortunately been hit by the new Covid restrictions and we are not at present singing in the classrooms. Instead the children will be learning the songs through sign language. Alongside this, the children will be developing their listening skills by listening and evaluating a variety of different music genres. In Year 5 the children are exposed to learning an instrument and are taught the Guitar by one of our specialist teachers - this will continue this term. 

Cranborne usually has a range of extra-curricular activities. Within the school day, the children are able to join a choir, play in a recorder group or play in the orchestra - some children do all 3! Due to Covid, all these activities are on hold at the moment but will be up and running as soon as possible.

We also provide Piano, Violin, Brass, Woodwind and Guitar lessons. This lessons run for children in Years 2 to 6. If you child is interested in starting these lessons then please follow the instructions below.

For Guitar or Woodwind instruments, please use the link below to book directly with Herts Music Service. .

For Piano, Brass or Violin lessons then please contact the school office for the contact details of the teachers.

All music lessons will begin in September and will be conducted in a Covid secure way.

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately, we have no Music events in our calendar at the moment. Usually, we will participate in 2 school concerts, Young Voices at the O2, singing at Potters Court Retirement Home and the Potters Bar Music Festival. We are always looking for new opportunities to perform and look forward to being able to perform again together soon.


Mrs Davis - Music Coordinator

Our wonderful Cranborne Orchestra: