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Welcome to our library!  We are lucky at Cranborne to have a dedicated library that is stocked with over 9000 books.  We use our library to inspire and encourage a life-long love of reading in our students.  All children come to the library with their class for a structured session with the librarian every week.  Sessions compliment topics the children are covering in class, or issues that are relevant to the school as a whole. 

Session activities include: - hearing a picture book story or part of a novel; - familiarisation with non fiction books; - library skills (e.g., how to look after your books, how to find the book you want); - accessing story sacks; - introduction to new books in the library; - sharing news from the child friendly 'First News' newspaper; - using iPads to access interactive features of books and the newspaper. During their weekly library session children also have the opportunity to change their library books.  Children may have 2 books on loan at a time.  It is expected that books will be returned weekly, unless the children are not finished with them.  Children should not have books out for longer that 2 weeks at a time without renewing them.  When children leave the structured reading scheme and become 'free readers' they are able to borrow 3 books at a time and may come to the library when needed throughout the week to change their reading books. It is important that the children learn to treat their library books respectfully and take responsibility for them whilst they have them on loan.  If books are lost or damaged we ask for a £5.00 contribution towards replacement costs. The library also supports the teaching staff by providing collections of non fiction books relevant to current curriculum topics.  A collection of fiction books are also provided for each class so that children can access a book corner in their classrooms when appropriate.

Mrs. A Quinn Librarian

Accelerated Reader

For several years we have been running Accelerated Reader in years 3  and 4. It’s a two year programme and consists of checking children’s understanding of the text they are reading.

Initially they are given a series of questions on an I-pad to determine their reading age. This is then scored and they are then given a reading age. Children can then visit the library and select texts which are age appropriate. Once the book has been read the children are then asked a series of questions on an I-pad related to the text. Often, you find they have started at much easier books but even though the books are easy the questions that are asked are quite complex so children must be able to understand what is read, not just read words. If they keep scoring 85% or above then they progress on to the next level. There are six levels starting with Green progressing through to Black level.

In the library children will find a selection of books across the accelerated reading scheme in both fiction and non-fiction. These books all have labels that tell the children the reading level and the quiz number to use once the book has been read. If the children cannot find a book that interests them in the library we have access to an online electronic library where we can borrow books and allocate them to a particular child who can then read then on any device that can connect to the internet.

Reading Champions 

Reading Champions are people who champion reading. That means, people who are enthusiastic about reading, and use their enthusiasm to encourage others to read.

You do not need to be the best reader to be a reading champion!  You need to love books and want to get other people involved in reading.

There are 3 levels of the scheme for you to work towards:

BRONZE Reading Champions create enthusiasm for reading using recommendations and promotions (e.g., making posters promoting reading)

SILVER Reading Champions participate in schemes to encourage other children to read (e.g., reading with younger children in the school);

GOLD Reading Champions make an outstanding contribution to the school reading culture (e.g., organizing an author visit).

Generally you should start working on your Bronze and progress through to Silver then Gold and find each stage progressively more challenging.

Before you start working on your idea for your Reading Champion Award, you will need to register it in the library.  Click here for the form to register.

Click here for the Reading Champions record for more information and to record your achievements.

The children were involved in a competition to design the badges that are awarded to Reading Champions.

Story CDs for loan

We now have a small collection of story CDs available for loan from the library.  This is another great way for children to enjoy their favourite books.  Harry Potter and Horrid Henry, as well as stories by Roald Dahl and Anthony Horowitz are currently in stock. 



Books, newspapers and magazines are starting to be released with apps that make the content interactive.  We have been lucky in the library and have been able to borrow iPads so that the children can experiement with this content.  They particularly enjoyed making the Guinness Book of Records come alive!


The Week Junior


We subscribe to 'The Week Junior' a children's magazine, which we receive weekly in the library.  

The magazine contains up to date news articles a big debate question  that the children can use for a lively debate, competitions, film and book reviews, games and apps along side suggestions for activities children can do and yummy recipes to try. The magazine is packed full of news and ideas each week. The children all love to come and read the current copy.