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The purpose of the School Council is to represent the views and opinions of pupils and to be a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school. Every class at Cranborne Primary School have elected a school council representative. Class members approach these representatives with suggestions, possible areas for improvement or general comments to take to meeting with selected members of staff who listen to these views and discuss the next steps. After these meetings, the class representative will go back to their classes and discuss the points from the meeting and share ideas together. 

During one of our meetings, it was suggested that we could have a recycling bin. Our lovely site manager, Mr Clark, made this for us.


We love School Council!

Our reps asked for more vegan options on our school lunch options.


"We need to ask for ideas from the class and share them in our school council meetings." Eva


"Our job is to make the school even better!" Dhanvin


"We are reliable!" Shubhi


"We are going to make the other people in the school happier." Freddie


"We are responsible." Aaliyah

The children told their reps that some of their lunch times were cold. We bought a heater and are making a calm, warm area in our playground during the colder months.