At Cranborne,  Computing is taught weekly in each class. It is a popular subject as lessons are fun and engaging. Computing is taught using either ipads or laptops and during lessons children are encouraged to use their imagination to create games, blogs, videos and presentations. The computing curriculum is divided into three areas; Computer Science, Digital Literacy and information technology. Online safety is a strand of Computing which is embedded into all units that are taught. For more information about online safety at Cranborne please click here.

Programmes and Apps we use to teach Computing 


Daisy the Dinosaur
Bee Bot
Scratch Junior
 Angry Birds
Garage Band
PuppetPals HD
Tux Paint
Our Story
Swift Playgrounds





Other Apps we love:



 This year we have invested in a learning platform called Purple Mash. This is a web-based platform where the children can log on and access a range of games and activities linked to the national curriculum.

This year all our Computing will be taught using these programs as well as using some of the apps we have used previously. Class homework may also be set on this website.

Over the next term children will receive their usernames and passwords and be introduced and taught how to use Purple Mash.

Click the link below to access the log on page.




Click here to see our Computing overview for this year:

Computing Overview