At Cranborne phonics is taught using the systematic approach of Read Write Inc.  This approach was developed by Ruth Miskin and has been implemented at Cranborne for over four years.  The approach begins in Nursery and runs throughout the school; it is formally taught in Nursery, Reception, Year One and for the first term in Year Two.  It is expected that most children will move on from phonics after the first term in Year Two.  However, we understand that every child is different and some children require further support in phonics, therefore it is taught throughout the school as an intervention.  We have experienced excellent results in the Year One Government phonics assessment over the years.  Read Write Inc develops children's phonic ability in terms of reading and writing and our children become very confident in their phonic application.  

Technical Vocabulary

Children are taught to understand and use the technical vocabulary of....

Digraph - two letters, one sound.  Eg: ay as in play, oo as in zoom, ee as in sleep.

Trigraph - three letters, one sound.  Eg: igh as in flight, air as in chair, are as in care.

Split vowel digraph - two letters that are both vowel but are split up by another sound.  Eg: i_e as in like, a_e as in make, o_e as in home, u_e as in huge.

Vowel - a, e, i, o, u

Plural - adding an s onto the end of a word to imply more than one.

Root word - the main part of a word that can be altered by adding an ending or a beginning.  Eg: playing, swimming, played.

Suffix - an ending to a root word.  Eg: played, playing.

Prefix - a beginning to a root word.  Eg: impossible, overcooked, unable.