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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an allocation of funds to children currently in receipt of free school meals or have been eligible for free school meals in the last 6 years. It also includes children of service men or women and those children looked after. Although these resources are targeted to PPG children, they are accessible to all pupils where necessary.


If you think your child is entitled to free school meals (whether you want them to eat them or not) then please let us know at the office or complete this form and bring it into us:

Pupil Premium Form


Every year we are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding. This runs with the financial year and we have to report on the impact it has had on the academic year. We also have to outline how we intend to spend our funding for the following year.

Please use the following link to view our Pupil Premium Strategy: 

Pupil Premium Strategy 2022-2023.