Year 2

Welcome to the web page for 2C and 2A 


Teachers: Mrs Caldwell   Mrs Adams  Mrs Whorlow

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Moretti  Mrs Crawshaw

Year 2 Homework

Homework will be set each Thursday and expected to be completed by the following Tuesday.


Half Term Homework

Mathletics (optional)

Activity 1 - Before, After and Between numbers to 100 (ordering numbers activity)

Activity 2 - Arranging numbers (number magnitude activity)



Please take take photographs of any three activities that you do. This could be as simple as reading a story, playing a game or baking cupcakes etc. We will use these photographs to help with our recount writing, after the half term.



Remember to keep reading a little each day! We would love to hear about any favourite books you have read over the half-term break.

IMPORTANT: note about PE

The children have PE lessons on a Monday (indoor)  and Friday (outdoor). On these days, we suggest that the children come into school in their PE kits and remain in them all day. They no longer need to bring their uniform into school on these days.

Key Dates and Reminders

Wednesday 16th September, 5:30pm Virtual Information Evening (Letter with details to follow)

Tuesday 6th October - Harvest celebrations (Children only)
Wednesday 7th October – Individual and sibling photos

Sunday 11th October – FOC family photo day

Wednesday/Thursday 11th/12th  November –Parent consultations

Friday 18th December – Last day of term 1:15pm finish


P.E. The children will have PE on a Monday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor) - weather permitting.

They will need their indoor kit (shorts and t-shirt) as well as track suit bottoms and a jumper on both days.  PE footwear can either be plimsolls or trainers.  Please ensure that all kit is clearly labelled.  Long hair must always be tied back and it would be safer if earrings were not worn. Full PE kit should be in school at all times.


Reading Books – Following COVID 19 guildlines, we will be giving out two reading books to every child on a Monday each week and collecting both books again on a Friday. If you finish these books, please re-read them to increase fluency and understanding. When books are collected on a Friday, they will be quarantined over the weekend, ready to give out again the following Monday. Over the weekend your child should read books from home. Please send your child’s reading record and reading books into school each day, as usual, as we will check their records and hear them read.



Please find below our PowerPoint slides from our parent information evening. If you have any questions, please email us. 

You will also find some resources below which you can use to support your child's learning at home. 

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 Parent Info Evening Yr 2 Sep 2019.pptDownload
 Phase 3 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Sound Mats.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Reading questions bookmark.pdfDownload
 Year 1 and 2 words.pdfDownload
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Our Learning this Term


Due to the lockdown period, we will be blending the missed learning from Year 1 with the Year 2 curriculum.

The children will begin by developing their understanding of counting and place value and how this helps them to understand the number system and in turn solve problems and calculations.

Place value is the understanding of the value of digits within numbers, e.g. in the number 45, the 4 is in the tens column and is therefore four tens (40) whereas the 5 is in the ones column and is simply worth 5.


We will be continuing to use the problem solving method called ‘Bar Modelling; a type of ‘part, part whole model’. This helps children to understand relationships in number and assists them with their understanding of calculations.

e.g. 12 + 16 =28

28 (WHOLE)

12 (PART)


There will be more information about our maths methods and learning at our Information Evening.

How can I support my child?

Please use any opportunity to count with your child; this may be forwards or backwards in ones, twos, fives and tens.  Maths should be fun! Try adding together the price of items when shopping and ask children to help estimate and weigh ingredients. Please help your child to learn how to tell the time and be secure in ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past.’Practising mental calculations is crucial for both addition and subtraction. (e.g. 15+12 could be worked out by putting 15 in your head, adding 10, then adding 2 more.)


During the autumn term, the children will have English sessions every day to continue to develop their reading and writing skills as well as daily grammar sessions. The children will have a daily spelling lesson with a test given on Fridays. Correct letter formation is essential as the children will be encouraged to join their handwriting later in Year 2.Our first unit will focus on fairy tales. We will be using the story of Rapunzel to identify good and bad characters and traditional settings and language. The children will work towards writing a recount of events from a fairy tale.


This term the children will be investigating ‘changing materials’.  In this topic, children will have an opportunity to recognise properties of materials such as hardness, strength and flexibility. They then will be able to move on to being able to compare materials in terms of these properties to understand that the shape of materials can be changed!

We will learn about different uses for materials and how their properties determine how they are used.


Self isolation work

If your child is having to self isolate but is still well in themselves, please find some suggestions for activities linked to our terms learning. 


Use your Mathletics account to practise key skills and compete against others on live Mathletics.

Play maths games on TopMarks: 


Read a book and write a review.

  • What the book was about
  • What you liked/didn't like about it 
  • Why you would/wouldn't recommend it
  • How many stars out of 5,you would award it  

Choose a picture from a book and write some descriptive sentences about it.

Practise the Year 1 and 2 common exception words


This term we are learning about our world. We will be learning about continents and oceans.
Visit the website below and play some world geography games. Test your knowledge of continents, countries, seas and oceans. 


Our topic is Materials. Please visit the website below and watch the videos and play the games to further your understanding of different materials. 


This term we are learning basic drawing skills. Visit the 'Draw with Rob' website below to follow a step by step guide to drawing different characters.