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Cranborne Primary School

Learning Together

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future!


At Cranborne we want every child to share our passion for history and develop their sense of curiosity about the past. We help children to gain an excellent knowledge and understanding of people and events from a range of historical periods. They will develop their knowledge of chronology and consider how things change over time.

History develops the children’s ability to think critically about events and communicate ideas in different ways. It develops the ability to think, reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past.

We aim to learn lessons for our own futures by thinking carefully about the consequences of actions in the past.


Early years- Ourselves

In Early years they have been looking at their own lives so far. They looked at pictures of themselves in the past and wrote about what has changed since they were a babies. 

Year 1- Travel

This term Year 1 have been looking at the History of flight in their travel topic. They have learnt about the first African American woman to go into space- Mae Jemison. We will also be comparing planes from the past and present, learning about the Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart. 

Year 2- The Great Fire of London

In Autumn term year 2 learnt about the Great Fire of London. They learnt about the sequence of events during the fire and how people escaped. They looked at Samuel Pepys diary and learnt that it was a piece of key evidence for the Great Fire of London. They had a fantastic day with 'History off the page', living out a day in 1666.

Year 3 Stone Age cave paintings and Celtic Harmony trip

Year 3- Stone Age

In Autumn term year 3 learnt all about the Stone Age. They learnt about what 'prehistory' means and the sequence of BC to AD timelines. They enjoyed learning about what life was like in the Stone Age. They enjoyed a trip to Celtic Harmony where they enjoyed fire building, den building, hunting and gathering.

Year 4- Anglo Saxons

Year have been looking at the Anglo Saxons, they have been exploring what the Anglo Saxons believed, what life was like in an Anglo Saxon village and where the Anglo Saxons settled in Britain. 

Ancient Egypt day- Year 4

Year 4- Ancient Egyptians

In Autumn term year 4 learnt all about the Ancient Egyptians. They looked at the location of Egypt, made cartouches out of clay and asked and answered many questions about the past. They really enjoyed their Ancient Egyptians day with History off the page. 


Year 5- Ancient Greece

Year 5 have been looking at Ancient Greece. They have looked at Athens vs Sparta, Alexander the Great and the Olympics. In art they are making links to what they have learnt about Greece myths.

Year 6-World War II

Year 6 have been learning about World War II. They have been learning about propaganda, carrying out role play as evacuated children and writing letters as these characters. In English they have been studying the text Rose Blanche, the story of a young girl living in Germany who observes the changes to her town as World War II begins. 


Year 6 Victorian day

In Autumn term year 6 looked at the Victorians, they were transported back to a day at school in the Victorian era.