School Council

The purpose of the School Council is to represent the views and opinions of pupils and to be a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school.Every class at Cranborne Primary School have two elected school council representatives. Class members approach these representatives with suggestions, possible areas for improvement or general comments to take to meeting with selected members of staff who listen to these views and discuss the next steps. After these meetings, there is a school council whole school assembly which highlights to everyone what the school council are working on their behalf.

 Meet Cranborne's School Council leaders...


Year Group  Members Photographs
Year 2

Alexander Yap

Amelia Sperring

Ella Munroe

Callum Ventor 


Year 3

Shayan Jhugroo

Aimee Alton

Michael Joelson

Darcy Bush


Year 4

Izzy La Fenais

Sam Proudlove

Sofia Alam

Charlie Jackson


Year 5  Isabella Mara

Ilia Christophi

Bethan Esdaile

Tom Allison

Year 6  Gracie Hickey

Ben Shelton

Ellie Butterfield

Kian Hughes




Click on the links below to view the minutes of School Council meetings:

January 26th Meeting

Week 2


We love School Council!