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School finishes for the Summer break at 1:15pm on Friday 21st July - Have a wonderful Summer everyone!

Welcome to Year 6

What will Year 6 be learning in the Spring term? 


Welcome to the Year 6 homepage

We have lots of very exciting topics we are covering in the Spring term...




After half term we will return to narrative. There will be link to our end of year production!

We will continue to encourage children to vary their vocabulary and sentence structure by including subordinate and embedded clauses.

Please continue to encourage your children to choose books which will challenge them as this is the best way of exposing them to the type of language that they need to include in their own writing. 


Google Expeditions experience

Year 6 experienced a virtual reality tour of France to bring together their learning this year so far!





In Maths we will be looking at statistics and geometry.

Pupils will practise reading information from a variety of charts and graphs. They will learn how to find the mean, median, mode and range of a given set of data. 

In geometry children will compare and classify geometric shapes based on a wide range of properties. They will learn how to find missing angles, translate shapes and predict missing coordinates.  

Please also make use of Mathletics to practise mathematics skills regularly. If you need log in details let us know. The link is below:




Our current topic is Electricity.

Children will practise building and representing circuits. They will investigate the effects of changing certain components and predict the effects of making other alterations.

Need some help with your homework?


Click on the links below to access some mini GPS tests and revision resources:


Mini GPS Sample test 1

Mini GPS Sample test 2

Statutory spelling word mat

Statutory spelling wordsearch pack

Statutory spelling crossword

Could we please make sure that all year 6 pupils are confident with the spellings on the years 3 and 4 spelling list:


Year 3 and 4 word list