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PTA Penny War Success! - £608 Raised by all your contributions! The money is paying for the library system update. Well done everyone and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Proposal to change the category of the school to a Foundation School.

As part of the future strategic plan to continue to enhance the outcomes for the children of Cranborne Primary School, the governing body would like to propose a change from a community school to a foundation school. The proposal and notice can found on the following links:



Letter from Chair of Governors

As part of the process this goes out for consultation for the next four weeks. Any comments or objections should be addressed to:

The Governing Body c/o Alan Cocker

Cranborne Primary School

Laurel Fields

Potters Bar



Email: Alan Cocker

All submissions should be marked “Response to Foundation Proposals”.

National Science Week March 2017

cienceSWhat a week! We have had a science focus all week with children moving around the school having a great time learning with other teachers. It was great to see children experimenting with forces, electricity, developing the environment, studying life cycles birds and plants and updating and improving our planting beds. I saw children experimenting, designing and testing with parachutes, volcanoes, fatballs, circuits and much, much more. A really creative and busy week that has helped make strong links with science in our everyday world. A big thanks to the teaching team who have had to make lots of additional arrangements to fit this all in.

World Book Day

WORLD BOOK DAY was celebrated in true Cranborne style. Please see the wonderful photos of children and staff below!

On Thursday 2nd March, we invited children and staff to bring in their favourite book from home. There were opportunities during the day to share and discuss their chosen book and to take part in ‘drop and read’ activities. A bell was rung at random points during the day and EVERYBODY, including the office staff, MSAs and Mr Cocker, had to drop whatever they were doing and read!

I lead an assembly where I shared my favourite poems from Allan Ahlberg's 'Please Mrs Butler!' Teachers planned class swaps and dedicated sessions to celebrate World Book Day so please do discuss this with your children. We aim to promote a love of reading and show children that reading is for enjoyment, not just a vital life skill.

Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm.

Mrs Keilty


Following on from e-safety week we would like some further information from yourselves to help us fine tune our provision. Could you please complete the following survey. Many thanks.


We subscribe to Mathletics for every child in full time education at Cranborne. Please encourage your child to log in and make use of this excellent resource to help practise and enhance key mathematical skills in a fun and engaging way. If your child does not know their log in please ask the class teacher to re-issue it. 


Welcome to our website. I hope it provides you with a window into the very special place we know as Cranborne Primary School. We understand that you entrust your child into our care. We take our responsibility seriously and aim to ensure our partnership with you leads to the very best outcomes for your child. Do browse our website but even better - come and visit.

Headteacher Blog 2016.17

Friday 17th March 2017

admin on: Headteacher Blog 2016.17

Science week was amazing. See above for the update but a big thanks to everyone who went out of their way to work as team to create fun, real, and worthwhile opportunities to see science in action. A great week.

Term Super Schools Update – A huge thank you for the excellent support with this event. We have just had the figures in and you raised £2168.90. This is fantastic – such great support from all involved – thank you so much. The money is going to be used to enhance play and sport at break times. Mrs Reynolds has already planned to meet with school council this coming week so we can get things in place. Some ideas include making use of the courtyards to create a sheltered outdoor area, having dance and dressing up on the stage, creating a zoned areas (e.g. ball area, seating area, running/chasing area, etc) and updating equipment available. So lovely in times of austerity to have such great support.

Take a look at Rowhan’s artwork. Amazing use of pastels to create form and depth. Notice the contrast between the apple and the table and light. The table and light we used to ‘inform’ us of where the light was travelling from according to Rowhan. Great work – I think I need to spend some time in Mrs Dibdin’s art class as I’d love to draw like that!

Debating – A massive well done to the Year 6 team that represented the school at the debating event last week. I know they were slightly overawed when arriving in the debating chamber but soon rose to the occasion and represented the school and themselves with pride and confidence. A really worthwhile event practicing the life skills of listening, questioning and persuading. Well done!

Football success! Well done Teams A & B in year 5 and 6 last week! They both played against Ladbrooke. The teams worked hard and demonstrated good team work to overcome the Ladbrooke opposition. The A team won 4-1 and the B team won 6 -0. Great results!

We also attended an assessment conference in London last week which was very helpful in helping us to recognise what is working well in our school with our approach to feedback and how this fits with the national and international research. It also allowed us to consider a few more tweaks to our practice which we will be working on next term. The key area that really struck a chord with me was about the link between learning and long term memory and how we can help children to enhance this.


Friday 10th March 2017

admin on: Headteacher Blog 2016.17

It has been another busy week this week. Most of my week has been chasing potential leads from the recruitment fayre we attended on Saturday at Robertson House in Stevenage. As you many of you are aware, I am always on the look out for new talent to further enhance and strengthen the team at Cranborne. 

Speaking of which, we welcome Mrs St. Pierre to our admin team who is helping out with some additional workload in our admin team at present. 

We also had a successful safeguarding audit recently which looked carefully at our documentation and procedures. There are a couple of 'even better ifs' in how we reference some of our records which we will be working on in the coming days. A big thanks to all the team for the preparation and continued hard work. 

Can I also make a plea to remind you about e-safety with your children. Many of the accounts like Facebook and Instagram have terms and conditions attached to them which include age restrictions of 13. That means that children in school should not have an account and unfortunately we have had to waste valuable teaching time unpicking some issues because children have not only got accounts but are have not been using the software as responsibly as they should (probably why there is an age limit on accounts). Please check to see if your children are using online software and tools safely and appropriately. We have provided you with information and support - there is currently information on the e-safety web page for you to refer to which should prevent many of the problems we have come across this week. Safety will always take precedence, however, it is very frustrating for staff and pupils if learning time is lost because of incidents that could have been avoided in the first place. 

Well done to Oskar in Y2 and Max in Y3. Really impressed with the difference they have made in the quality of their handwriting. Max I am delighted to see the contrast from September to this week - it is truly transformational! 


The African Drumming this week was also a real success. Great to see the curriculum being so lively and engaging in Year 2. Well done to all those involved. 

We also had a visit from a literacy advisor helping us to evaluate the quality of teaching of reading and writing. She identified many strengths including; quality of writing in books, quality of presentation in books and attitudes to learning. The main area to tweak is to fine tune some of our planning so we make stronger and better links to real texts when teaching elements of grammar and sentence structure. We are already under way with this.

Y3 had great trip to Verulamium this week. It was lovely hearing some of them on return talking about the trip. Not sure we have got their geographical skills as tight as they could be when I heard one child say, "It was great - we went to Rome today!'

Have a lovely weekend.


Friday March 3rd 2017

admin on: Headteacher Blog 2016.17

Well what a couple of weeks it has been. Starting with an amazing P.E event. It's not often that you have two medalists in the school. Miss Edwards, myself and others were like pigs in mud! She was so excited she even put this together for the Blog!

'Team Super Schools – Darren Campbell Visit

22nd February 2017

On Wednesday 22nd February, we were honoured to be joined by Darren Campbell MBE (Gold and Silver Olympic medallist), Jason Gardener MBE (Gold Olympic Medallist) and Ryan Scott (Commonwealth Champion). They belong to the company “Team Super Schools” and work towards building futures for young athletes who show promise. They do this by visiting schools and delivering an exciting morning of fitness circuits to encourage the children to lead active lifestyles. As well as this, Darren leads an inspirational assembly, teaching the children about resilience and to believe that anyone can go after their dream.


The morning was a fantastic success. All classes, from Reception to Year 6, took it in turns to have a photo and autograph opportunity with Darren and then take part in the fitness circuit, led by Ryan Scott. The children all commented on how much fun they had and how hard they worked during their circuit.

During the assembly, Darren brought out his Gold and Silver medal, where he chose two lucky volunteers – Andrew Costa 4CH and Rocco Thompson 3E – to wear the medals. Darren also let a selection of children hold his medals and answered questions that the children (and staff) had about his journey to reach the highest level of his dream.

Miss Edwards would like to thank TEAM SUPER SCHOOLS for a truly inspirational and enjoyable experience.' 

Overall it was inspirational, showing the children that you can achieve at the highest level and that the journey to this is full of trial, error, persistence, resilience and good support and feedback. The parallels with our approaches to learning were so clearly made for the children. A big thanks to you all for supporting this event 

I also had some amazing children come and share their learning with me. In year five they have been challenging themselves with learning about fractions. Rory, Julia, Sofia and Hau Hau in particular, were so excited about how they had some really tricky problmes to solve that they came to see me and challenge me. This is their summary of events:

‘This week we have been learning about fractions. We have been challenged by our teacher to tackle Challenge X. We got through the first few questions easily and then we encountered a tricky question. We persevered in this maths lesson and we were the only ones to do this hard question. We also asked another teacher and our headteacher but they struggled and couldn’t do it either!’

It was also great to see Sonny and Kyle pushing themselves to make connecitons with fractions and other numbers and amounts. Very impressive Year5!


We also have had a great time with National Book week. Great to have a 'drop it and read day' that everyone in the whole school had to take part in. Must admit, I didn’t get as much done as I’d planned, but we all had a chance to delve into our favourite books and indulge in our love of reading!


I was also really impressed to see Amy in reception recently. She has shown me some amazing writing. To think she is only 4 years old and has begun to use finger spaces, full stops, capital letters and good use of phonics is astounding. Well done Amy!


And if this wasn’t enough I had wonderful time with Arjunraj. He was sharing his homework project on Switzerland with me. It was lovely to see how proud he was of his work. He knew a lot about Switzerland and was able to give me some very interesting facts about the country and the culture. Well done Arjunraj!




Friday 10th February

admin on: Headteacher Blog 2016.17

I can't believe it is half term already. The last 6 weeks have flown by.

Last week was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing Year 1 perform their assembly. They showed such confidence to speak and perform so clearly in front of so many. I sometimes forget that they are only 5 and 6 years old! Well done Year 1 - you are amazing!

Talking of amazing I was also so impressed with Jack from reception this week. To see him going from no writing at all to forming proper words was spectacular. I was pleased and proud of him. I just hope he practices over half term and shows off at home how much he as come on - well done Jack! Kyle in Y2 also has improved so much with practising spellings he has been finding tricky - well done Kyle! 


The science in year 4 has been very interesting recently. They had noticed how many interruptions I have and how difficult it can be for me to complete tasks during the school day. As a result they used their science topic of sound to find a way to help me shut off from the rest of the world. They used their knowledge of sound travelling through vibrations to create ear muffs that reduced noise levels. I really enjoyed testing their ideas and although not the best fashion item they were actually very effective in reducing noise levels. Well done Year 4 - great application of science to real life problems!

Other highlights include some amazing writing from Aisha in Nursery and Ellie, Krishee, Amelia and Spencer all blew me away with their narrative work. I do love it when our children show such improvement!


I also really enjoyed the 'Google Event' that Miss Powell organised yesterday. The children experienced virtual reality. It was amazing seeing their reactions to being immersed in prehistoric times facing dinosaur and then seeing the planets in space from a completely different perspective. This is something I certainly think we need to consider as a development in education going forward. 

Year 6 also did an amazing job organising their own cake sale. Some of the hard work behind the scenes in baking their own was quite remarkable. I particularly loved Amy's example! The skills in used to set this event up showed how resourceful the Year 6 children can be. Well done children! 

The super learner tea party is always a special time for me and unfortunately today some other events took precedence meaning I could only drop in for a short time. Nevertheless, the children's attitudes to learning of those nominated have been fantastic. They are showing resilience, making connections, working in collaboration and improving again and again. They are brilliant role models and a credit to their families and the school - thank you and well done!

And finally we said au revoir and good bye to two our team. Mrs Sturge is due to have her baby next week. I am amazed she has been able to last so long and am sure you will all join me in wishing her well as her and her husband learn to enjoy the joys of being a parent. 

We also said goodbye and good luck to Mrs Heath. Se has been an amazing addition to our team at Cranborne and we will miss her so much. I want to thank her for all she has done to fine tune our customer service, tighten our administrative procedures and help ensure that teachers are well supported and able to focus on teaching. Good luck with your new role at County Hall! 


Friday 27th January

admin on: Headteacher Blog 2016.17

Children never to cease to amaze me. The highlight of this week has to be the Rock Steady 'Concert' which took place on Wednesday afternoon. The children who attend this have really enjoyed their experience but I was blown away by their performances. Basically we had children from Reception up to Year 6 who have formed their own little rock bands and put together their own versions of rock and pop classics. We had performances of 'We will rock you' through to 'Yellow', all with different interpretations. The thing that stood out most for me was the confidence for them to sing, drum, play guitar and keyboards in front of so many adults. Some of these children are our more quiet and reserved children and I was so pleased to see them overcome their nerves and step out on stage. Well done one and all!

School council have been busy this week as well. They met to discuss their new challenge and will be working with Mrs Cocker, Mrs Caldwell and Mrs Reynolds to review and improve the play and lunchtime provision. Ideas include creating and indoor play area for games, dressing up and performing, a quiet sit down area, as well as zoned areas for other outdoor play. I am looking forward to receiving proposals and helping to put them into action.

Finally I can't end this week without mentioning a couple super writers! Maria, Jordan, Hassan and James have put together excellent persuasive letters and have also worked hard to improve their cursive style with handwriting. The improvements were impressive - well done!


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Parenting Support

Support for families is crucial for achieving the best outcomes for children and young people in Hertfordshire. Parents and carers are not the only influence on a child's life chances, but effective parenting is one of the strongest protective factors for any child. To view the Hertfordshire directory for parenting provision, please click on the following link:

If you would like any friendly advice or tips with supporting and managing your children at home, come and have a coffee and chat with me. A problem shared is a problem halved! : )

Mrs Keilty


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There are activities for parents and carers to enjoy with children, advice to support their development and much more.

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Celebration Assembly 16th March

Today was a busy day for celebrations! We had over 20 children to congratulate for various wonderful achievements!

Imogen, Paige, Emily, Imethma, Megan and Harvey all celebrated swimming achievements and Serene and Martin made the Peanut team to compete against other areas! Solomia told us about a forthcoming gymnastics competition - good luck girls!

Isabella and Gabriella passed their violin grade 1 exams with merit! Well done guys!

We had some fabulous handwriting and presentation in 1S... Taylor, Celyn, Talia and Ela-Su's writing was beautifully formed, on the lines and a pleasure to read.

Rona and Aaliyah were awarded their certificates of excellence.

10 children were chosen from year 6 to represent the school in a very important debating day at the Hertsmere Borough council Offices. Thank you and well done to Bethan, Jess, Havin, Isabella, Mable, Drew, Tom, Ilia, Sam and Sabaa for their excellent contributions.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Keilty

Deputy Headteacher

Celebration Assembly 10th March

We had a small audience today as one year 4 class were off at swimming and year 1 were busy working!

Nevertheless, we celebrated some fantastic children's achievements. Ashley showed off his trampolining grade 4 badge and Alexis was so proud of her gymnastics certificate.

I was really impressed to see some of the fab projects from year 2 on a country of their choice. Summer chose the USA and presented a massive roll of paper which was covered in photos, captions, pictures and facts! It took two children to hold it up! Rosa produced a beautiful book all about Spain, explaining the currency, language and traditions. So much effort went into all the projects so thank you mums and dads for supporting your children with these.

Finally, a big well done to year 6 for continuing their maths booster sessions with such enthusiasm and to school council reps for their confidence in feeding back to their classes.

What a wonderful week! Well done Cranborne!

Mrs Keilty

Deputy Headteacher

Celebration Assembly 24th February

Another wonderful day of celebrations! Miss Georgiou took the assembly today and was very impressed with how well you have all done.

Firstly, a massive well done to all those in year 4 who took part in the Speed Stacking tournament at Dame Alice Owens school in January. I am pleased to say that we came first!

Congratulations to Alex in Year 2 who got a housepoint certificate.

Charlie, Louis, Hau Hau, Hanson and James all participated in a building competition at Cubs. They built a kitchen out of cereal boxes, came first and won a trophy. Well done boys!

Andreas in Year 2 built a moving tank out of cardboard. Excellent building.

Ela-Su in Year 1 got a swimming certificate. Keep up the good work! 

Celebration Assembly 19th January

I was so impressed today with how much learning has taken place over the last week! Kamil, Ola, Kiera and Luke from year 5 shared some fabulous character descriptions. They had used metaphors, adverbials and adjectival phrases to create vivid images in the readers mind. Very clever!

Gracie and Mete, again from year 5, showcased their maths learning - drawing and measuring angles with accuracy. The whole school were taught how to remember an acute angle ( small angle less than 90 degrees) by saying (in a gentle voice) 'Ah... it's a 'cute' angle!'

Zoe and Mathilde wowed us with a dance in front of the whole school - how brave!

We had lots of swimming and Mathletics certificates too - keep up the hard work! There were lots of comments from teachers celebrating whole classes - particularly around working as a team, supporting each other and positive attitudes towards learning. Well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Keilty

Deputy Headteacher

Celebration Assembly 12th January

Welcome back to an exciting Spring term! Today we celebrated some fantastic maths learning in year 1... they showed off their number bonds to 10 and how quickly they can recall them! Well done Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Adams!

It was great to hear that year 5 have been supporting each other in their learning and that year 6 are really rising to the challenge of revision and SATs practice!

Tilly, Lily and Amara were proud of their swimming achievements, Maya showed off her gymnastics certificate and Josh celebrated his mathletics bronze award. Harley has amazed us with his positive attitude towards his learning this term - keep up the good work!

It's lovely hearing about all your achievements, both in and out of school so please come and let me know!

Mrs Keilty

Deputy Headteacher

Celebration Assembly 16th September

Welcome back to another fantastic year of celebrations! It seems you have all been very busy over the summer and during the first couple of weeks back to school! Really pleased to see our Reception children settling so well and getting along so wonderfully.

Teachers are particularly impressed by the children's attitude to learning so assembly this week was more of a whole school celebration! Every child has been a credit to their new teachers, showing high levels of resilience, persistence, collaboration and respect.

We've been having a real blast on presentation and handwriting so please encourage your children to take their time and record their learning beautifully. We are looking for quality not quantity!

Have a great week.

Mrs Keilty x

Celebration Assembly July 15th

Wow - so many celebrations today! swimming, lego, music, handwriting, dancing, football, Blue Peter Badges! What a talented bunch we have at Cranborne!

Mrs Keilty x

Guitar Assembly 24th June 2016

Wow! What an assembly! We were treated to a wonderful performance by our Cranborne Guitarists today who played a fantastic range of fast and slow songs, including the Titanic theme tune! The audience were so impressed, clapping and dancing along! They thought they were at a concert!

Well done to the fabulous Alex, Jack, Ellie, George, Shayan, Benjamin and Christian! You were amazing!Mrs Keilty x

Celebration Assembly

Friday 27th May

We have had another day of celebrations today and the children were super excited that half term is right here!

Firstly, a massive well done to our year 5 mathematicians who represented Cranborne in the School's Maths Challenge Competition. They worked fabulously as a team and scored really highly. Thank you to Davran, Alfie, Jessica and Zoe!

It was lovely to see how well our ballerinas had done in their recent exams! Some even achieving merits! Well done to Chloe, Aimee, Solomia, Ruby and Lily.

Miss Powell presented the walk to school shoe design winners! There were some amazing entries but well done to the following children for their winning shoes: Kaiden, Anand, Maelys, Rosa, Alexander, Matthew, Lacey, Jake, Bethan, Eranda, Tahyat, Avin and Mollie -Rose. I'd like to give a special mention to Brooke M who actually designed and then made a special shoe! It was fantastic!

Have a wonderful half term everybody - relax with your families and get refreshed for the final summer term ahead!

Mrs Keilty x 


Article by year 5 students

I asked year 5 to write a report for the Potters Bar Community News magazine. They did a fantastic job and will now have their article read by thousands of local people! Well done Katie, Jessica, Davran and Bethan!

Mrs Keilty

What’s new at Cranborne?

It has been a very busy year at Cranborne; but what’s new? So far this year, we have generated a school council where the pupils have had the choice to write and perform a persuasive speech. After that, the other children can pick, based on their speech, which boy and girl should become councillors of the class. Since the beginning of the year, we have introduced superlearner sidekicks which include: Creativity the cat, who thinks outside the box; Scatter the spider, makes connections; Terry the tortoise, who is resilient; Barney the Owl who is organised and Bumble the bee, who uses teamwork. Two pupils from each class who have been showing all these qualities are invited to a special tea party with their parents.

Success at Cranborne

Our year at Cranborne has been full of success. Across all of the year groups we’ve excelled in our learning and had loads of fun. Over the past school year, our football teams have impressed no end. The year 3 and 4 A-team won the gold cup at the Furzefield tournament, closely followed by the B-team, in 3rd place. We are incredibly proud of them and hope that this is only the beginning of their success.

The talented singers in our choir have recently been to the Royal Albert Hall to sing in the Hertfordshire schools’ gala 2016, ‘Fable and Fantasy’. The children thoroughly enjoyed this amazing opportunity and loved performing in this famous venue. Last term, we were treated to a visit from Hertsmere’s MP – Oliver Dowden. He told us about his role in parliament and the changes that he has made in our community so far.

Both year 5 classes have had the chance to work with a talented artist, Mrs Dibden. Their artwork was considered so good that they have been entered for Blue Peter badges! We hope to receive replies soon along with our badges.

Celebration Assembly News!

Friday 6th May

A beautiful day of sunshine, coupled with a great day of celebrations!

The lovely Delfin from year 6 treated us to a cello performance. She was fantastic! She played the theme tune to Harry Potter which sounded magical... On that note, some of our year 5 girls, Erin, Grace and Emily were lucky enough to receive a letter from the one and only J.K Rowling... delivered of course by owl!

We also celebrated the fact we can now use our field... at last!  Finally, good luck to year 6 next week as they take their SATs and then go off to the Isle of Wight on 16th May. You'll be brilliant!

Enjoy the sunshine with your families this weekend!

Mrs Keilty xx

Celebration Assembly News!

Friday 29th April

Another wonderful day of celebrations! I always look forward to Friday!

Today we celebrated some children who raised over £50 for the British Heart Foundation. Thank you to Khyana, Alfie, Archie, Harrietta and Frankie! Bethan shared her St. George's Day writing with us, Harvey, Prinesh and Luke achieved mathletics certificates, Dina, Dinelly, Kaji and Synah did some fantastic writing and Grace and Zoe treated us to a poem with actions!

Keep up the hard work everyone! Well done!

Have a great long weekend! Mrs Keilty x

Celebration of Superlearners!

Dedicated learners were treated to an afternoon tea party to celebrate their achievements since the start of term. Two children were chosen per class who had demonstrated consistently excellent attitudes to learning. These children had shown persistence in their learning, resilience in their approach, creativity in their thinking, organizational skills and a real commitment to helping others.
In turn, each child told the audience why they were a superlearner whilst their family proudly filmed their big moment. They were presented with a certificate and badge.
Each half term, all children will have the opportunity to achieve the Superlearner award.
Good luck Cranborne!
Mrs Keilty xx

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