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Dear all
It's the final leg of our trip! We are currently sitting at the ferry port waiting to board the ferry. We are expecting a 30 min delay so will hopefully we will be on the 12:30 ferry!
We had a great game of bowling this morning in teams of 6 or 7. They loved competing for the highest score!
The children are exhausted after a brilliant week of fun, laughter and exciting activities! They have been a pleasure to look after and hopefully they have learnt how to be more independent and take care of themselves! So you can now expect them to wash, sort out clothes, shower, strip bedding and eat a whole range of foods!
We hope you have enjoyed the photos on the website! We tried to make sure we had some of every child!
They have been a real credit to you and have shown good manners and a positive attitude.
We can't wait to see you later! We will keep you informed via text.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs Keilty, Miss Georgiou, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Adams, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Hawes, Miss Prior and Mr Ryder xxx

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Welcome to our website. I hope it provides you with a window into the very special place we know as Cranborne Primary School. We understand that you entrust your child into our care. We take our responsibility seriously and aim to ensure our partnership with you leads to the very best outcomes for your child. Do browse our website but even better - come and visit.

Headteacher's Blog

16th May 2016

Alan Cocker (cockera) on: Headteacher's Blog

Lovely to see our Year 6 children off to the Isle of Wight this morning. I know they will have a fantastic time where they will make memories that last a lifetime and learn more about how resilient and adaptable they can be. It is really quiet around the lunch hall and playground compared to normal! So far today they have had a fantastic day.

Last week was another great week. I was particularly impressed with Jayden in Y4, who produced some of the best writing of his life and more importantly he learnt to do it himself! So pleased and proud of him - well done Jayden - keep it up!

Also good to see so many achieving in other ways, Y6 breakfast booster celebration (finishing SATS - they worked so hard to do their best), celebration assembly with lots of certificates and great learners and some brilliant dressing up linked to topic and events. 


Friday 1st April 2016

Alan Cocker (cockera) on: Headteacher's Blog

Although a short week we have packed a lot in. Year 3 have had a wonderful trip to St. Albans Verulamium as part of their learning on the Romans.

We also had our cheerleading and street dance celebration. Unfortunately I missed this but was told they put together a great performance. 

The footballers had a great result yesterday at the Furzefield Tournament. Our A Team won the Gold cup without conceding a goal! Our B team made it to the 3rd/4th playoff and won this as well! In addition to this the staff from other schools sent  messages noting the excellent sporting conduct of our our Year 6 referees, for example:

‘I just wanted to say how much the year 3/4 football team enjoyed today's tournament ! The year six children that refereeing and helping were brilliant and a credit to your school , they were both helpful and polite. Once again thank you very much.’ (Toni Johnson, St.Giles)  

A really good send off for Mr Johnson in his last week at Cranborne. I am sure you will join me in congratulating him on his promotion and wish him well. We will miss him very much.

Yesterday was also a great pleasure for me as we had our second Super-Learner Tea Party. Children from each class have been identified as super-learners for persistence, resilience, creativity, making connections and collaborating effectively. To celebrate we held a tea party and awarded them with badges and certificates. Their photos should be in the next edition of the Welwyn and Hatfield Times. It makes me very proud to see our children developing life long learning skills. A big well done to everyone involved!

We also had a fantastic open day yesterday in foundation stage. Thank you to those parents and relatives who were able to join in and share in the learning of their children. It is wonderful to see how well the children have matured and settled into their learning. They really enjoyed showing you around. Thanks also to the foundation team for being so open. 

Looking back on this term it is great to see how well the children are learning. They are rising to the higher expectations of the new curriculum. We have had a successful spring term and are well placed to prepare your children for their next phase of education during the summer term.  I hope you have a safe and happy Spring term break and look forward to everyone returning for the Summer Term.



Friday 17th March - Practise makes Perfect!

Alan Cocker (cockera) on: Headteacher's Blog

Another wonderful week.

Sport relief today went really well. Thanks so much to Watford FC and Rhythmix Dance Club who ran sessions for the children today. They really enjoyed the dancing and penalty shoot out. You raised £225. Many thanks to all of you who supported this important event.

The week began with a knock out performance at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday. Our school joined with other Hertfordshire schools to create the performance of their lives. A really smashing event which opens the children's eyes to performing at the highest level. Well done children and thank you staff for making it happen.

The children have been really busy with their assessments this week and have been impressing us with what they have remembered over the year so far. I had the pleasure of seeing our Year 2s perform to parents and children this week. They have been studying Kenya and spent the day on Thursday learning to play the 'Djembe' drums. Within a couple of hours they were able to put together an amazing performance using call and response, singing, and a range of drumming techniques. It was fantastic. Please look our celebration page to see more.

Lucas in Y3 has also made amazing progress this week with his use of sentences in his writing. I know he has been working hard both in school and at home and the difference he has recently made is brilliant! Well done Lucas - I am so impressed!

Toprak in Y6 has also shown a talent for performing poetry. It's wonderful to see him having such confidence to perform and know the text so well to convey meaning and mood to his audience. Please see the the celebration page for a video clip of this.

 So it just goes to show - practice does make perfect!

I also want to wish Mrs Clarke all the very best as she leaves us today. She has made a fantastic contribution to the school office over the last months and updated many of our internal systems which will serve us well into the future. We have appointed Mrs Lofte who will be our new finance officer and we are about to appoint another administrator over the coming days.  


11th March 2016

Alan Cocker (cockera) on: Headteacher's Blog

Apologies for not updating in the last couple of weeks - it has been very busy.

I have really enjoyed seeing some of our fantastic children sharing their wider learning. Christian Y5, Teyan Y6 and Havin Y5 have performed their instruments in assembly and blown us all away. They have only been learning for a just over year in some cases and the quality is amazing. Just goes to show what persistence and practice achieves! Christian Constantinou.MOV

Thanks to everyone for making the effort with world book day. This was a great success and I can’t emphasise how important a love of reading is. We had a wonderful time. I hope you liked the photos in the Welwyn and Hatfield Times. If you want a copy of these, they are available for purchase on Monday from their website.

We also finally received our Blue Peter Badge awards for the artwork the children did in Year5 last year. Brilliant to see our school recognized for it’s outstanding art work!

In addition to this I have had the pleasure of seeing some amazing writing these last couple of weeks. Children writing for real purposes and to real audiences – some children produced pamphlets on dental hygiene and are now writing letters to persuade local practices to display them.

I have seen posters from reception going up around the school and some really good maths in year 4. Really enjoyed being challenged by Amelia, Dinuk and Rohan with their times tables knowledge.

We also had our school council attend the local World Fair Trade Event and they gave an excellence account of the importance of fair trade back in school.

So all in all a very busy couple of weeks and much more to come.


Friday 12th February

Alan Cocker (cockera) on: Headteacher's Blog

Half term already - I can hardly believe it! As I get older the time just seems to go faster and faster. This week has been a blur of brilliance. The Year 3 assembly on Wednesday was amazing. The children's subject knowledge and ability to share this in a creative story with acting and singing was nothing less than fabulous. I am so proud of how well this year group are doing. Thanks to all the parents and relatives who came to support the children. I also had  wonderful visit to RF today and gave out a lot of awards for some brilliant writing. It is great to see our youngest children putting proper sentences together and using their phonic knowledge so well. Then I was blown away by some brilliant drama and maths in RP. The children have learnt their double facts and put together an amazing rap performance to show off their learning. It was amazing! I'd also like to mention some brilliant art work that is coming together with those children who work with Mrs Dibdin - there are some fabulous examples of using different media this term. Please also take time to look at Harvey's book review - you can in the Learning menu under literacy.  Jess has written a fabulous poem which you can also see being performed on the same page. The children in Year 4 are really moving forward with their tables knowledge - I had trouble finding tough enough questions for Dinuk and Rowhan as they took me on in a times tables battle. Finally, we wish Miss Gell all the best as she starts her maternity leave. 


Cranborne Footballers at Premiership Team Watford FC

On Saturday 2nd November as part of our partnership with Watford FC some of our children took part in the half time penalty shoot out. Although we didn't win we put in a good performance and the children got to experience football on the big stage in front of thousands. 

Well done children!

Year 5 Greek Day

On the last day of half term year 5K and 5S had a very enjoyable afternoon having a Greek feast in their classrooms. We made Greek food such as hummus and many of us tried lots new food! We also made our own table decorations and costumes for the day.

A great day for some great learners!


Cranborne Primary School News

School News

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Article by year 5 students

I asked year 5 to write a report for the Potters Bar Community News magazine. They did a fantastic job and will now have their article read by thousands of local people! Well done Katie, Jessica, Davran and Bethan!

Mrs Keilty

What’s new at Cranborne?

It has been a very busy year at Cranborne; but what’s new? So far this year, we have generated a school council where the pupils have had the choice to write and perform a persuasive speech. After that, the other children can pick, based on their speech, which boy and girl should become councillors of the class. Since the beginning of the year, we have introduced superlearner sidekicks which include: Creativity the cat, who thinks outside the box; Scatter the spider, makes connections; Terry the tortoise, who is resilient; Barney the Owl who is organised and Bumble the bee, who uses teamwork. Two pupils from each class who have been showing all these qualities are invited to a special tea party with their parents.

Success at Cranborne

Our year at Cranborne has been full of success. Across all of the year groups we’ve excelled in our learning and had loads of fun. Over the past school year, our football teams have impressed no end. The year 3 and 4 A-team won the gold cup at the Furzefield tournament, closely followed by the B-team, in 3rd place. We are incredibly proud of them and hope that this is only the beginning of their success.

The talented singers in our choir have recently been to the Royal Albert Hall to sing in the Hertfordshire schools’ gala 2016, ‘Fable and Fantasy’. The children thoroughly enjoyed this amazing opportunity and loved performing in this famous venue. Last term, we were treated to a visit from Hertsmere’s MP – Oliver Dowden. He told us about his role in parliament and the changes that he has made in our community so far.

Both year 5 classes have had the chance to work with a talented artist, Mrs Dibden. Their artwork was considered so good that they have been entered for Blue Peter badges! We hope to receive replies soon along with our badges.

Celebration Assembly News!

Friday 6th May

A beautiful day of sunshine, coupled with a great day of celebrations!

The lovely Delfin from year 6 treated us to a cello performance. She was fantastic! She played the theme tune to Harry Potter which sounded magical... On that note, some of our year 5 girls, Erin, Grace and Emily were lucky enough to receive a letter from the one and only J.K Rowling... delivered of course by owl!

We also celebrated the fact we can now use our field... at last!  Finally, good luck to year 6 next week as they take their SATs and then go off to the Isle of Wight on 16th May. You'll be brilliant!

Enjoy the sunshine with your families this weekend!

Mrs Keilty xx

Celebration Assembly News!

Friday 29th April

Another wonderful day of celebrations! I always look forward to Friday!

Today we celebrated some children who raised over £50 for the British Heart Foundation. Thank you to Khyana, Alfie, Archie, Harrietta and Frankie! Bethan shared her St. George's Day writing with us, Harvey, Prinesh and Luke achieved mathletics certificates, Dina, Dinelly, Kaji and Synah did some fantastic writing and Grace and Zoe treated us to a poem with actions!

Keep up the hard work everyone! Well done!

Have a great long weekend! Mrs Keilty x

Celebration of Superlearners!

Dedicated learners were treated to an afternoon tea party to celebrate their achievements since the start of term. Two children were chosen per class who had demonstrated consistently excellent attitudes to learning. These children had shown persistence in their learning, resilience in their approach, creativity in their thinking, organizational skills and a real commitment to helping others.
In turn, each child told the audience why they were a superlearner whilst their family proudly filmed their big moment. They were presented with a certificate and badge.
Each half term, all children will have the opportunity to achieve the Superlearner award.
Good luck Cranborne!
Mrs Keilty xx

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