Learning Mentor and Family Support Workers

At Cranborne we take our pastoral care really seriously. We know that children learn well when they haven't got worries or concerns. The role of the learning mentor is to help remove any barriers to learning by working alongside the child and the family. 

Sometimes this means that we work with other agencies or resources. One such resource if the Family Support Worker service. 

It is their role to work with Hertsmere Schools, families, parents, carers and agencies to enable children and young people to have full access to educational opportunities and to overcome barriers to learning. They can help with establishing good routines, financial difficulties, behavior management, sleep deprivation, social difficulties, housing and many other needs. They also run excellent courses to support parenting and key skills. Please contact our inclusion leader, Rachael Wood, if you wish to access this service and she will be happy to assist you.

Mrs Aarons our Learning Mentor

Hello everyone 

I’m Mrs Aarons, learning Mentor here at Cranborne.

I am here to listen and help you with any worries you may have, if something or someone has hurt or upset you, if you are feeling lonely, or confused about anything and need help understanding. You might need some advice or just a friendly face. You can talk to me about anything, “even if it’s awful or small.”

If Mummy, Daddy or any of your grown-ups have a worry or concern I am here to listen to them too.

I am in the little room, just by the school hall, which is full of cosy blankets and pillows, calming lights and lovely smells. Plus the occasional yummy biscuit!

Come and visit me anytime you need to. If I am not in the Little Room, please leave a note in the worry box and I promise I will come and find you later on.

“I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful” – So let’s all keep smiling together.