School Aims

The Governors of the school wish to see a school that:

Is happy, caring, safe with an inclusive environment

Supports all children to achieve success

Provides excellent teaching and learning opportunities

Nurtures a life long love of learning

Provides a rich and challenging curriculum

Develops and nurtures strong partnerships with parents and the wider community

Values each other and celebrates the achievements of all

Develops responsibility and respect for our community and wider world.


Underpinning this ambition are the school aims that were developed with the children, staff and governors based on the central value of RESPECT.

Respect - Actively listen to one another, give each other a meaningful voice, care about one another, celebrate our similarities and differences. Care about how each of

                   us view things. Strive to be honest.

Excellence - Aim to ensure that we strive to give of our best and don't settle for second best

Support - Aim to work together and in partnership within our school, across our town, our country and the world to improve all our lives

Positive -   Developing positive behaviours and attitudes that enhance our learning and our relationships

Enjoyment - Seek opportunities to make life fun and try new things

Creativity - We are open to working other ways not just based on the past or historical. We get to know the interests of one another and use these to open new lines of enquiry and

                         ways into learning

Trust - Trust one another to work towards all of the above aims. We will all take responsibility to ensure we realise our school vision.