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Cranborne Primary School

Learning Together

Race Equality at Cranborne 


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela.


Our community at Cranborne Primary is based on an ethos of mutual respect and consideration. Kindness, tolerance and acceptance are at the heart of our school, providing a safe and happy learning environment for all.

We recognise that we play a crucial role in educating pupils through meaningful learning experiences that broaden children and challenge their thinking, which forms part of the journey to dismantling racism in school and beyond. Our rich curriculum equips our children with the knowledge, confidence and motivation to recognise and tackle racism now and later in life. With an increased focus on a diverse range of figures, texts and historical issues, we are proud to foster an open culture of discussion where equality is valued and differences are celebrated. At our school, we pride ourselves in allowing our pupils to gain an understanding of issues present in our immediate world, as well as understanding the importance of the historic struggles of different groups in society.

At Cranborne, we do not tolerate any racially abusive language. We pledge to fight racism and to champion inclusivity and equality in our school and community.