At Cranborne we are committed to providing the children with high-quality Music lessons. Music lessons are taught using a specialist website called Charanga Music.This website allows the milestones across the age ranges to be comprehensively covered. In Year 5 the children are exposed to learning an instrument and are taught the Guitar by one of our specialist teachers.

Cranborne has a range of extra-curricular activities. Within the school day, the children are able to join a choir, play in a recorder group or play in the orchestra - some children do all 3!

We also have Piano, Violin, Brass, Woodwind and Guitar lessons on offer. More information on these can be collected from the school office.

Our Upper School Choir have once again been given the opportunity to sing at the Young Voices Concert at the O2. This year the concert will take place on Monday 3rd February. This is an amazing event and gives the children a performance of a lifetime.