A Cranborne nous adorons le français et on l'apprend de Year 3 jusqu'en Year 6. Nous avons hâte de partager notre compréhension avec vous.

Why learn a foreign language?

The ability to speak a second language is a skill highly prized by employers, as well as being a doorway to learning about other cultures and the wider world. 
As a school we are aiming to emphasise the benefits of learning foreign languages, especially French – an official language in 29 countries, spoken by more than 250 million people. 

We are attempting to make French a more common aspect of our daily routine at Cranborne in order to accelerate our children's learning. You can help too!


French at Cranborne

We are lucky enough to currently have our French teaching delivered by a specialist teacher, Mrs Clark. She works with all of the year groups throughout the year, alternating between the year groups.