STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) is playing an increasingly large role in education and a solid foundation across the spectrum of these subjects will stand our children in good stead for life at secondary school and beyond.

Exposing children to these subjects and making them both fun and interesting will help them to do so much more than just learn.  We hope to achieve this by providing access to an engineering club, termly 'STEM days', and exposure to fun and engaging 15 minute STEM activities on a regular basis that help to maintain the profile of STEM within our school.  We also hope to establish a link with a STEM ambassador and invite people employed within a STEM role into the school to tell the children a bit about their job and what it involves.

KS2 STEM days

 We will be running our first KS2 wide STEM day in Autumn 2; it will be based on Oxfam's Sustainability Goals.  Photos to follow!

15 minute STEM activities

 In Year 6, we start each Tuesday afternoon with a 15 minute STEM activity.  In the photographs below, you can see our attempts to make a 'pipeline' to transport water over a distance of at least 1m. 

STEM task 2 - paper aeroplanes.  For today's task we built paper aeroplanes and considered the forces that were acting against them in flight.  The children loved the task and have been building paper aeroplanes in the playground at lunchtime ever since!!