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Week beginning 23rd January 

Our week began with a visit from Mrs Xu, Ella's Mum, who talked to us about Chinese New Year and all the traditions behind it.  Following on from that, we practised some Chinese writing (words and numbers) and made our own lanterns and dragons.  In English we have started to write words using our phonics knowledge to sound them out first.  We finished reading Billy's Bucket and drew a story map to help us retell the story.  In PE, we have been focusing on jumping and landing on two feet; this week we tried to jump over hurdles which was quite a challenge.  Our outside area has been reorganised and we have been using the new woodwork area to practise hammering and turning skills; we have also used the story shed to become characters from our favourite books and have used the outdoor art area to create some masterpieces.  Our news sharing sessions have seen songs, toys and news shared with the class - just a reminder that these sessions happen on Wednesdays.

Home Learning

English:  In preparation for our new class book, please could you find out some interesting facts about earthworms - you could even draw a picture of one.  Perhaps you could find out what they like to eat or where they like to live.  I wonder how big an earthworm can grow to?

Maths:  Maths this week will be set on Mathletics.

Reading:  Reading books, reading sheets and speed sounds will be sent home on Mondays and Thursdays.

Week commencing 16th January

This week, we have had a real focus on shape.  After looking at more shape paintings by Kandinsky, the children created some wonderful shape artwork of their own.  They were able to name 2D shapes and count how many corners and sides each shape had. We continued with our sorting work in maths, classifying shapes by looking at whether they had straight or curved sides.  We have also been encouraging the children to play turn taking games to help them build relationships with others.

In the outdoor area, we have set up a bird watching station and next week we hope to be making some bird feeders and fat balls too keep the local birds well-fed over the winter.

Home Learning

English: Linked to our class book, Billy's Bucket, please could you draw/paint/collage a picture of an ocean habitat, showing the types of animals and plants that would live there.  Please could you try to write the initial sound of some of the objects in your drawing e.g. for rocks, you would write an 'r'.

Maths:  Maths this week will be set on Mathletics.

Reading:  Reading books or sheets will be sent home on Mondays and Thursdays - please could you write in your child's reading record when you listen to them read and also share any comments about their progress - thank you. 

Week commencing 9th January

We have been really pleased with the way the children have settled so quickly after returning from their winter holidays.

In the classroom, we have started reading a new book called Billy's Bucket which the children are really enjoying.  In Maths we have been sorting objects into different groups and naming the groups - some children suggested sorting animals in to land and sea creatures and others sorted dinosaurs according to their features.  We have also looked .at the shape artwork of Wassily Kandinsky to help us revise and name 2D shapes.  In computing we have been learning how to log on to the Purple Mash website and we have also discussed being safe when using the Internet.

This week, we have started a news and sharing session - we hope that this will help to improve the children's confidence when speaking in front of the class.  If your child has something they would like to share with the class, please send it in on a Wednesday - nothing valuable please!  Alternatively, they may simply wish to share some news.  We may not be able to share all the items each Wednesday but we will make sure every child has a turn during the term.

Home Learning


Linking to our class book, Billy's Bucket, we would like you to design and decorate your own bucket.  This could be a real bucket or a drawing of a bucket.  We are hoping to display the completed buckets in the classroom.


Maths this week has been set on Mathletics - the login details for this website are in your child's reading record.


Reading books or sheets will be sent home on Mondays and Thursdays - please could you write in your child's reading record when you listen to them read and also share any comments about their progress - thank you. 

Welcome back to the Spring Term - we hope you had a fantastic break.   We would like to say a huge thank you for the very generous cards and gifts you sent in to the staff at Christmas.  Our PE day this term is now Tuesday - please see below for other key term dates.

Key Dates and Reminders Spring Term 2023

Thursday 5th January 2023 - INSET
Friday 6th January 2023 - children return to school

Monday 16th - Friday 20th January - FoC Penny War Week

Friday 10th February - FoC Friendship Disco

Monday 13th - Friday 17th February - HALF TERM BREAK

Monday 20th February - INSET and parent consultations

Thursday 2nd March - World Book Day

Thursday 30th March - FoC Easter Egg Hunt

Friday 31st March - last day of term (1:15pm finish)

Monday 3rd April - Friday 13th April - EASTER BREAK

Monday 17th April - INSET

Tuesday 18th April - children return to school


 Link to the school calendar

Link to the school term dates 

W/C 12th December 2022

It has been everything Christmas this week.  Last Thursday, the children watched an amazing pantomime at school; there was plenty of audience participation and some rather loud singing!  When the children returned to school on Tuesday, they were so excited about the snow and we have managed to take the children outside every day.  Whilst playing in the snow, they have had some very creative ideas and designed an ice melting machine and several very original sleighs. Today we were able to watch Year 2's Christmas performance which was wonderful. 

In the classroom we have made snowflakes using our cutting skills and paper chains in small groups, to encourage collaborative working.  We have also focused on turn-taking games such as Snap and Connect Four.  We have also started reading The Jolly Christmas Postman and have wrapped presents and cards for him to deliver.  


W/C 28th November 2022

What a busy week we've had!  On Tuesday, we were very lucky to have a visit from two local police officers.  They talked to the children about how they help us and then allowed the children some time to sit in their police car and even start the flashing lights and two-tone sirens.  On Thursday, two vets visited Reception to explain how they helped animals.  They brought along lots of their technical equipment for the children to explore. 

In the classroom, we have talked about how we can help ourselves to keep healthy, both in mind and body.  The children made the following suggestions:  play with friends, sing and dance, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, get some fresh air and exercise, do some art and find a quiet place.  We have also continued to practise our Nativity show - the songs are sounding terrific.

Home Learning

Please can you keep practising your nativity lines!  We have sorted out the costumes; only the children who have a note in their reading records need to supply their own costume.  

Phonics:  please see your child's homework folder.

Please see the songs and lyrics for our Nativity attached.


W/C 21st November 2022

We have been continuing our topic on 'People who help us.' The children have enjoyed this learning over the last few weeks and discussing lots of people's jobs! This week we had a very special visit from the Fire brigade. The children loved hearing about their jobs. The fire brigade are so important in keeping us safe in lots of different situations. Year 2 set fire to some houses so we got to see the help in action! The children have been enjoying the wind! They have loved getting the kite out and flying it high in the sky. We have been talking to the children a lot this week about how again, the weather is changing. As we went into Autumn, it started to get colder and now it is getting really chilly! We talked about how as the weather changes we need to be thinking all of the time about our clothing.

In the classroom, the children have been working together with an adult to make some playdough. We looked at a recipe together and followed the steps. The children used different movements. such as pouring and spooning, to move the different ingredients into the bowl. The children even added paint to make it a different colour. In the creative area, the children have enjoyed cutting out pictures from magazines. We thought it would be nice to show the children how to collage. 


Home learning

Please can you keep practising your nativity lines! This is really coming together with the songs! This week we will be sorting out costumes! Please see the songs and lyrics for our Nativity attached

Phonics - please see your child's homework folder.

Maths - Please see 'Complete the Pattern' on Matheletics. Your child's mathletics log in is in their reading record.

Nursery Rhymes- please keep practising the nursery rhymes from last week! 

W/C 14th November 2022

We have had a great week in Reception this week! It was so nice seeing so many of you at parents' evening. This week we have started our Nativity practise - a letter will be coming out shortly to give you all of the information! This week has been World Nursery Rhyme week. The children have enjoyed learning new nursery rhymes and completing tasks that link to these songs. We started with 'The big ship sails.' The children then used different resources to make boats and took them outside to see if they could float in water. We also sung, '1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.' The children enjoyed using fish. We also sung 'BINGO' and the children were taught how to play a game of bingo, which they loved! 

This week we focused on people who can help us at school and home. It was so nice to listen to the children talking about the people at home who help them and all of the jobs you do! We talked about being thankful to everyone who helps us so we hope you heard lots of thank yous! We had a visit from Mrs Aarons too who is our pastoral lead, she spoke about her job and how she supports children, families and staff. We spoke about the MSAs who help us at lunch time. Mr Hibbs came into our classroom and we spoke about all of the helpful jobs he does. We talked about all of the adults in the EYFS who are there to look after the children. We talked about the adults in the office who can help us with messages and talk to our adults. 

 Please see the songs and lyrics for our Nativity attached

Home learning

Phonics - Please see the sheet in your child's homework folder. During parents' evening this week we spoke to a few parents about strengthening fine motor control using different methods, such as, threading, playing with playdough, using scissors. This will support the children with their pencil control. If your child is finding pencil control tricky please practise formation in another way, such as, in flour or using a paintbrush. At the moment, our main priority is that the children know the correct formation, it doesn't need to be written with a pencil if they are not ready. 

Maths - We have been continuing our learning on repeating patterns. Please have a look at these games: 

This week was Nursery rhyme week! The children have enjoyed learning some new rhymes! Please keep practising at home. 

W/C 7th November 2022

To start the week we had a visit from a doctor.  She talked about her job and the importance of eating healthily and having plenty of exercise.   We have focused on making new friends this week and have talked about how to be a good friend.

In Maths, we looked at repeating patterns and made some ourselves using natural objects and also potato prints. In English we finished our book, Bedtime for Monsters, and talked about the monster's emotions throughout the book.

Home Learning

For Maths, please could you make a repeating pattern - you could use leaves, twigs, acorns, Lego or any other small objects.  If possible, we would love to see your patterns; photos can be uploaded to Evidence Me or you could send in a photo.

For phonics, please either complete the sound sheet or read your sound blending books.  

Please also continue to share your child's library book with them, talking about the story and asking questions.

Our song this week is Little Donkey 


W/C 31st October 2022

We were really pleased to see the children return so confidently after their half term break and they quickly settled back into the routines of life in Reception.

In English, we started a new book called Bedtime for Monsters.  The children drew some amazing monsters of their own and tomorrow, weather permitting, we will build some monster caves outside.  Following on from our Autumn walk at the end of last half term, we have looked at the seasonal changes that happen in Autumn and have used natural objects, such as acorns, leaves and pumpkin seeds to design and create pictures.   We have also been talking about taking a pride in our classroom and outdoor environment and have discussed ways to look after the resources and keep the areas tidy.

Our new topic for this half term is people who help us and to support this we have created the Cranborne Vets role play area in one of the classrooms.  


Home Learning

For Maths, please complete the number formation sheet.  Can you try to spot these numbers in the real world e.g. house numbers, car number plates, clocks?

For phonics, please either complete the sound sheet or read your sound blending books.

Please also continue to share your child's library book with them, talking about the story and asking questions.

Our nursery rhyme this week is Once I caught a fish alive 

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W/C 10th October

We've had another very busy week in Reception! This week we have had a focus on pirates. The story we have been reading looked at a travelling bear and we looked at creating maps! The children searched for treasure in blue sand. Once the children found a piece of treasure (a coin with a letter or number) they recorded their findings on a flip chart. The children really enjoyed this. We have also been looking at floating and sinking, exploring what happens to pumpkin seeds when they are put in water. We then looked at other objects in the environment and sorted them into 'floated' and 'sunk.' 

In English we have looked at the adventures of the Everywhere Bear and created our own Everywhere Giraffe, who joined in with the children's activities. The children drew maps of the giraffes journey.  In Maths, we have been comparing objects to see which is longer, shorter or taller. 

We would like to share more stories and songs from different cultures with the children.  If you have any ideas about books we could use, we would really appreciate your help.  We are also very interested in the different types of celebrations that the children experience at home. We would love to see pictures that we can display in the environments.  The children are really enjoying talking about their 'all about me' books. 

Home Learning

Please see the phonics letter formation sheets. If your child is finding this a bit tricky, encourage them to practise their formation in other ways, such as, using paint and a brush or on your back using their finger. We use would like the children to practise the motion, using the rhymes! The pencil control will come later!

For Maths, please can you ask the children to compare two objects discussing which is shorter/taller/longer. For a challenge, can they order more than two objects based on height.

Our nursery rhyme this week is The Big Ship Sails The big ship sails on the ally ally oh - BBC Teach ..

W/C 3rd October

This week in Reception, we have been looking at harvest time.  On Tuesday, Reception joined the whole school for a Harvest Assembly and later we learnt how to make bread in preparation for our EYFS harvest celebration on Friday.  We have also learnt actions to accompany our harvest songs.  In music, we have been trying to find the beat in some popular songs.  Outside, the children have enjoyed painting with cotton buds to support their fine motor, and have been using their imagination when playing with some huge cardboard boxes.

In Maths, we have been learning how to count accurately.  In English, we have started a new book, The Everywhere Bear, and we will be following him on his interesting journey around the country.  We have continued to learn more sounds in phonics and we are really impressed with the children's improved pencil grip when they are forming their letters.


Home Learning

Please see the phonics letter formation sheets.  The children have been encouraged to say the rhymes whilst completing the letters.

For maths, please could you give the children a pile of objects to count accurately.  We have encouraged the children to line the objects up and point to each object (or move it) as they are counting.

Our nursery rhyme this week is Pat a Cake Pat a Cake Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - YouTube (   You may need to refresh the page if it doesn't work.



W/C 26th September 

Another successful but busy week in Reception. The children have enjoyed reading the next parts of our 'Hello Friend' book. We have been looking really carefully at the different emotions of the characters. We looked at particular pages, such as the one below, and discussed how the girl looks like she is enjoying both of the activities as she has a smile on her face, however, the boy has his hands over his hears. We have been looking at their relationship and how they book see if differently. The girl thinks they are having lots of fun and that she is being a good friend  but the boy doesn't look happy. We talked about reading people's actions and we then made a poster about how to be a good friend. We linked this to our buddy bench outside and how we could go there if we were feeling a bit sad or lonely and needed a friend. Hello Friend!: Cobb, Rebecca + Free Delivery

In maths, we have been looking at the language of more, less or the same. The children started off by finding different amounts of objects and then we compared them. we also looked at numbers presented on pictures, such as, on a playing card. The children all have a great understanding of this!

The children have been exploring all areas of our environment this week. It has been so nice seeing them explore the kitchen outside. Children have been using a range of materials, such as, twigs, leaves and mud to make some delicious food for their friends. We wanted to ensure the children are confident with the environment so we created a scavenger hunt of lots of resources. The children had to hunt around the EYFS environment to tick things off their list! The children used mirrors to look at their faces and create a self portrait. 


Home learning - For home learning, please see the phonics letter formation sheets. Remember to use the rhymes when you are practising the formation. Maisie mountain, mountain and around the apple, down the leaf.

For maths, we would like you to ask the children to count objects in groups such as, 6 apples and then 4 pears. We would then like you to ask the children, which one has more? Which one has less? See if they can find some objects where there is the same amount!
For our song this week we will be looking at two Harvest songs ready to celebrate Harvest next week! 


W/C 12th September

The children have had a very successful week! The children have started reading the book 'Hello Friend!' We have spent all week looking at the front cover, the inside pages and the first page of the book. Next week, we will be looking at the emotions of the children in the story and how the children in our class feel. Our focus next week will be emotions. Please spend some time talking to your children about their emotions and acknowledging how they are feeling and why.  In Maths, the children have been looking at different numbers and making these with resources in the classroom. The children have explored area of the classrooms this week and the outside area. We planted some plants in the week. Some children wanted to plant their apple seeds from their snack to see if anything would grow. The children helped to make playdough following instructions. 

Reading books - This week your child would have visited the school library and will have chosen a book to bring home. This is a book for you to read with your child to encourage a love for reading. Please spend some time looking at the front cover of the book and predicting what this story may be about. As you read through the book, ensure that you are discussing what is happening, what bits you like and don't like. Try and read the book over a few days so that there is a sense of suspense, whilst you wait to find out what might happen next! In your child's reading record, please make some notes to tell us what you have been talking about. Please write the date and initial. We will visit the library again on Friday and the children will choose a new book. 

Our first week

Reception have had a great first week! They have all settled in so well and made lots of new friends! See below for just a few things we have been doing! 

The children even helped us make a bug hotel!


Explore the Classrooms!

Welcome to RB 

Home reading 


Some things to think about when reading with your child- - 


Oxford  owl is a website we register for where you can access free online e-books linked to our phonics scheme. 

Username: cranborne

Password: school 1


Herts Library Service

Herts Library Services are offering free online books too however again, these will be sharing books.

Follow this link to access it.


All words are made up of sounds which are represented by letters. We teach the children how to read these sounds individually and then put them together to make and read words. Once the children can read sounds in words, they can apply this to a sentence, moving on to reading a page in a book, then a book. Please be aware that children go through these stages so may not come home with a ‘reading book’ straight away. 

Please see the following videos for extra support: - Stretchy sounds

Mr Thorne's YouTube channel for phonics is a great resource to help your child consolidate each individual sound. It also supports parents in correctly pronouncing each sound. 
On Instagram there are also some great phonics ideas to do at home ...just follow 'phonicsfamily'



Welcome to RA  

Thomas the Tank Engine and The Tractor - read by Peter (our Chair of Governors

Superworm - read by Mrs Cooper


Children acquire concepts and develop their understanding of mathematics through opportunities and activities that involve matching, comparing, classifying and making patterns and sequences in different contexts.  They improve their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating, simple addition and subtraction problems.  They also learn to describe shapes, spaces and measure.

Our Reception Learning

Our Curriculum

At Cranborne we strive to create an environment that promotes a sense of curiosity, awe and wonder in the children. We have our own bespoke curriculum which we teach to and has been created with your children in mind. This curriculum is pertinent to our children currently in our cohort and we strive for them to be the best that they can be within this and beyond!

An environment that also enables plenty of opportunities for them to self-select and demonstrate the characteristics of effective learning, and where the children can practise, consolidate and rehearse taught skills. 

We aim to provide the children with areas that are accessible to them and are organised in a way to promote independence and purposeful play. 


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Our learning

We have 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage


Personal, social and emotional (PSED) 



Communication and language (CL)


Physical development (PD) 






Understanding of the world


Expressive arts and design 


Snow Day Activities

Here are some suggestions for having fun in the snow:

  • Make a snow angel - great for exercising your arms, legs and core muscles
  • Build a snow sculpture - it does not have to be a snowman!
  • Go for a winter walk and search for footprints in the snow - who or what do you think made the footprints?
  • Look for icicles - how do you think they were formed?
  • Can you write your name in the snow?
  • Try painting in the snow - simply mix snow and liquid paint in a pot then off you go!
  • Hide some objects in the snow then try to find them - don't forget to wear gloves for this!
  • Target practise - line up a set of objects then try to hit them using a snow ball
  • We would love to see what you have been doing in the snow; why not post your photos on Evidence Me?Enter text...

Useful Websites


The BBC have some fantastic resources for children. Have a look on their page here for links to resources to help with most areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Phonics and Reading Resources


Useful websites: (for pure sounds) (for stretchy and bouncy sounds) (for games and resources) (for reading books and resources)


Alphablocks -


Maths Resources

At Cranborne, each pupil has a unique username and password for Mathletics.  This is found on the inside front cover of their reading record. Visit


Other Websites:

Numberblocks -


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Espresso  Username : student15821  Password: rocket