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Fabulous Year 5!

Welcome to Year 5's class page! Here you will find information about our fantastic learning, experiences, class information, homework and any other news.



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                 Welcome to the Summer Term 2023                   

Dear Year 5 families, carers and children,

 Welcome to a brand new term at Cranborne. The Year 5 team are all looking forward to another productive - and fun - term where we can build on all of your amazing learning.

 Please find below some information about our learning that is planned for this term as well as some dates and documents that may be helpful. You can also find some suggestions (near the bottom of the page) for home learning if the school is closed or your child is unable to come to school, but feeling well enough:

Year 5 Mini Police

During the Spring term, year five were able to get to know our local police officers and ask them questions about their job, about the law and about what is right and wrong. They loved learning and asking their insightful questions and they learnt a lot about anti-social behaviour, online safety and the consequences of wrong choices. 

Key Dates for Summer Term:


 Wednesday 24th May = Trip to STEM Discovery Centre

Monday 29th - Friday 2nd June 2023 = Half term

Thursday 8th June = Sports Day

Monday 26th June = INSET day

Tuesday 27th June = Exhibition Evening

Thursday 13th July = Transition Day

Sunday 16th July = Transition Day - meet your year 6 teachers

Friday 21st July = Last day in Year 5 - break up for the summer holidays at 1:15

Monday 24th July - Friday 1st September = summer holidays

Monday 4th September = First day back for children


In Maths, we will revise and practise all of the maths skills that you have gained so far at school. We will also be extending your understanding in these areas and focusing on the following areas of learning:

  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Compare and Order Fractions
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  • Problem Solving – All Four Operations
  • Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers
  • Fraction Problem Solving
  • Measures and converting measures
  • Calculating area of shapes
  • Volume and Capacity
  • Percentages
  • Problem Solving – Percentages
  • 3-D Shapes from 2-D Representations
  • Reflection and Translation
  • Perimeter
  • Estimate, Compare, Measure and Draw Angles
  • Identify Unknown Angles

At home, please continue to make regular use of Mathletics and Purple Mash. Most days will begin with a Maths 'Early Morning Work' session. There will also be a homework task given weekly to consolidate learning.

Keep practising fast recall of the times tables as we know how hard you have all worked to learn these.

Physical Education:

We are lucky enough to have Mr C for PE sessions again this term, and will have PE lessons on the following days:

  • Monday = indoor PE
  • Thursday = outdoor PE

PE focus for the summer term will be dance and dodgeball.

We are very excited about being able to use the new MUGA for outdoor PE sessions - as well as the playground and field (when the weather improves). 


Homework will be set on a Thursday and is due back the following Tuesday.

To support your child's Maths at home - please use the Mathletics website. This is a really engaging resource for the children to use where they can play games and practice core skills in an interactive way.
Each child should have a login and password. (These should be inside the new Reading Record books) If you require another copy of this, or encounter problems, please let us know.



How to help at home:

  • Use Pobble 365 website to practise creative writing
  • Practise times tables. This could be using ‘Hit The Button’
  • Reading together and asking what has happened so far
  • Discussing new vocabulary
  • Reading a range of genres: letters that come through the post, news articles
  • Spellings
  • Ask your child to explain the maths concept we have been learning this week
  • Baking – practise measuring and converting grams/kilograms
  • Telling the time

Oxford owl:

For extra spelling resources and ebooks please follow this link: 

Username: cranborne

Password: school 1 


In the summer term, our key texts will be: The Viewer, Silence is not an Option, Coming to England and The Highwayman (poem).

Each book sequence involves: reading, text analysis, vocabulary investigations, key grammatical skills, drafting, writing and publishing. We usually spend between 3-4 weeks on each text.

As writing was the area of learning most affected during the periods of home learning, it continues to be a school priority. In class, we will be focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar - not just during English lessons, but across the curriculum.

In addition to the daily English lessons, there are regular comprehension and grammar lessons.

Please make sure that spellings are practised well and displayed somewhere at home.

Below is the Year 5 assessment framework which is used to help level children's writing abilities. By the end of year 5, we expect children to be working at the 'expected standard' and this means that all of the criteria in the first two sections must be consistently demonstrated by your children.

Art and Design Technology:

Art - This term, the children will be taught art, for half of the ter, by Miss Hughes and be taught Computing, by Mr Elias, for the other half. This means that both classes will be able to have whole afternoon slots to become fully immersed in their lessons.

In Art, we will be focussing on fine detail, in both sketching and 3D art. There will also be a focus on the graffiti -style of artist Jean Michel Basquiat. 

DT - We will be designing and making a moving toy that uses a CAM mechanism. Hopefully, these will be on display at Exhibition Evening before they are taken home.

This unit builds on the skills in DT that they have previously learnt.


We will teach spelling patterns/rules weekly and children will practise these in class.

The lists that go home are words taken from the Statutory Spelling  lists for Key Stage 2. We will select words that link to our text and that may be used in the Big Write task. Children will have several weeks to learn these but must learn them properly.

Attached is the National Curriculum Statutory Spellings for years 3/4 and year 5/6.

Please note the children should be mainly secure with the Year 3/4 spellings and working towards the Year 5/6 words.


In Science this term, we will be learning about 'Earth and Space' and 'Animals, including Humans'.

During the 'Space' topic, the children will learn how to:

  • describe the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the sun in the solar system
  • describe the movement of the moon relative to the Earth
  • describe the sun, Earth and moon as approximately spherical bodies
  • use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky

 In the 'Animals' topic, we will be learning how to:

  • describe the changes as humans develop to old age

This is linked to the SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) unit of learning - please see the SRE webpage for details of what is covered in each year group.

Geography and History:

This term we will be completing our learning about The Americas, before moving on to learn about the Ancient Maya - a non-European society that provides contrasts with British history.

We will investigate how the Mayan societies worked, the role of religion, the differences that the Maya people have made and what happened to them...



As part of Cranborne's 'wider opportunities' provision for our children, the Year 5 children will continue to  have a weekly lesson where they will learn how to play a guitar. These sessions are led by Carlos (a specialist music teacher) and take place on Friday afternoons.

We will organise a concert, to allow the children to perform for you, this term. 

(Date to follow)

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

 Year 5.pdfDownload
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Home learning for self-isolation, school closure or working from home:

In the event of your child being unwell or your child needing to work at home, please see below some activities that your child could complete if well enough to do so. 

If you need any help or support when working from home then please email your class teacher

Thank you

Geography - The Americas

Carry out some research about one of the states in North America and prepare a small presentation for the class.

You could include things like:

  • the climate
  • the main cities
  • the main attractions
  • The foods grown and eaten there
  • the fauna (animals) and flora (plants)

The presentation could be a poster, leaflet or PowerPoint... it's up to you!


Oak Academy

BBC Bitesize


 Maths practise:

Place Value:


Test your speed and mental maths against the clock:


Practice your maths knowledge and skills: