Welcome to Year 4!

Staff contact details

4SG - Ms Stanton, Mrs Gammon and Mrs Khajuria





4H- Miss Hill, Mrs Bird and Miss Byers 




Remote learning and Zoom links

Please click on the links to join the meetings (or use the meeting ID if you prefer) 

4H 9.15 Registration and Maths with Miss Hill - see link below

11.00  English with Miss Hill - https://us04web.zoom.us/j/79722431186?pwd=SXdHR1JrNmtPNmwvemp4NHhwOWdzZz09

Meeting ID:  797 2243 1186

Passcode:  tLf46Q


4H Miss Byers Group work - https://zoom.us/j/95080658109?pwd=cVF5RnpxRXpTQy9lM0doazB1Q1BMZz09

Meeting ID: 950 8065 8109
Passcode: 604FG6


4SG 9.00 Registration and Maths with Mrs Gammon - https://zoom.us/j/95017948740?pwd=VEE2S3FjbFhsc0lSSC9pOG1Md29nQT09

Meeting ID:  950 1794 8740

Passcode:  ZmYX16

11.00 English with Ms Stanton - https://us04web.zoom.us/j/74239324304?pwd=bzgzMlNOeXBPMHJnQTVPWnNFZjNKQT09

Meeting ID:  742 3932 4304

Passcode:  9iu4u3


Wednesday 20th January

It's Wednesday!  You are half way through your working week Year 4 - well done!  We are so impressed with your positive attitudes each day.  Seeing you all on Zoom really does put smiles on our faces each day too.  Well done everyone! 

Today's afternoon activities are History and Reading.  We look forward to seeing your Anglo Saxon villages!  Feel free to present your work however works best for you, you can be as creative as you like, or use the worksheets attached.  Have a great day everyone :)

 English speech activities - Wednesday.pdfDownload
 English week 1 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 History - Anglo Saxon village labels.pdfDownload
 History - Anglo Saxon village pictures.pdfDownload
 History - Anglo Saxon Village.pptDownload
 Maths Wednesday 20th Jan Flag Ext. Activity Sheet.docxDownload
 Maths Wednesday 20th Jan Identifying Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Maths Wednesday 20th Jan Parallel and Perpendicular Lines ppt.pptxDownload
 Wednesday 20th January tasksheet.docxDownload
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Tuesday 19th January

Good morning everyone!  This afternoon's activities are Science and Reading.  You have been set a 2Do on Purple Mash, so don't forget to log in and complete the reading comprehension activity.

We hope you all have a good day and we will see you soon for our Maths and English lessons on Zoom.

 English week 1 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 19th Jan Measure Multiplication & Division Challange 1 A & B.pdfDownload
 Maths Tuesday 19th Jan Measures Multiplication & Division Destination Question.docxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 19th Jan Measures Multiplication and Division ppt.pptxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 19th Jan Mixed Measures Problems Multiplication and Division Challenge 3.docxDownload
 Science - particles of solid, liquid and gas activity.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th Jan Mixed Measures Problems Multiplication and Division Challenge 2.docxDownload
 Tuesday19th January tasksheet.docxDownload
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Monday 18th January - update

Apologies from Ms Stanton!  I accidently put the link to last week's PSHE lesson on your tasksheet!  Thank you for letting us know.  Please click on the link below to access this week's PSHE lesson.  Well done to those of you who found it - you are superstars.


Monday 18th January

Good morning and welcome back!  We hope you had a good weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you on Zoom today.

Please see below for today's activities. 

This afternoon your session with be PSHE and Reading.  Be prepared to get active and release those endorphins! Have a great day :)

Challenge 2 answers 18.1.21

Challenge 3 answers 18.01.21

 English week 1 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Monday 18th Jan Measures Addition & Subtraction Destination Question.docxDownload
 Maths Monday 18th Jan Measures Addition and Subtraction ppt.pptxDownload
 Maths Monday 18th Jan Mixed Measures Problems Challenge 2.docxDownload
 Maths Monday 18th Jan Mixed Measures Problems Challenge 3.docxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 19th Jan Measure Addition & Subtraction Challange 1 A & B.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 PSHE - At home PE challenges.pdfDownload
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Archive:  Spring 1 week 2

Friday 15th January

It's Friday!  Well done everyone for working so hard this week at home.  We are so proud of all of you.

Today, Maths Zooms will be with Mrs Gammon and Miss Hill as usual, but for English, please could 4H join 4SG on our English Zoom (as Miss Hill is needed at school).  You will need to use the link above.  Please note, for those of you accessing from devices, not from the link itself, this is a new meeting link. 

Today we will be trying out the 'breakout rooms' feature on Zoom, to do a quiz in teams.  Please be patient with us while we get used to the tech!  Ms Stanton is looking forward to seeing you there!

This afternoon is our planning time, so please do not email your work over today. 

We hope you all have a good rest this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

 Computing - Online Safety activity.pdfDownload
 EMW Friday.pptxDownload
 English Friday 15th January.pptxDownload
 Friday 15th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 Test 2.pdfDownload
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Thursday 14th January - update

Well done to everyone this morning (especially Miss Hill!) for managing to get onto the mega Year 4 Maths Zoom after our Internet connection issues this morning. You are all superstars!

Please see below for answers to the activity - you will need to go to the end pages of the document. Please mark your own work, there is no need to email this to your class teacher.  You can let us know how you got on in the Zoom tomorrow.

 We look forward to seeing your writing and topic work later today.  Have a great afternoon!

 CORRECTThursday 14th Janurary Time Problems Answer Sheet.pdfDownload
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Thursday 14th January

Good morning everyone!  We hope you had a good afternoon and enjoyed getting stuck into our Anglo Saxon's topic.  This afternoon we will continue our topic work, focusing on Anglo Saxon writing (runes) and where the Anglo Saxons come from.

Please download the daily tasksheet below, along with all the resources you need for the day.

See you on Zoom!

 Anglo Saxon Runes worksheet.pdfDownload
 Anglo Saxons runes.pptDownload
 English week 2 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 History - Anglo Saxons and Scots Invaders.pdfDownload
 Maths Thursday 14th Jan Converting Units of Time Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Maths Thursday 14th jan Converting Units of Time.pptxDownload
 Thursday 14th January tasksheet.docxDownload
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Wednesday 13th January - update

Please see the file below with answers to today's Maths.  Please mark your work and let your teacher know how you got on in the Zoom session tomorrow.  You do not need to email this to your class teacher.

 Maths Wednesday 13th Jan Answer Sheets.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 13th January

Hello Year 4! 

Please see below for today's learning.  We will be starting our new History topic which is the 'Anglo Saxons'.  We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic mindmaps showing us what you have found out today.  

Have a great day everyone and we will see you on Zoom later :)

 English week 2 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Wednesday 13th Jan Converting Units of Length Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Maths Wednesday 13th Jan Converting Units of Length Destination Questions.docxDownload
 Maths Wednesday 13th Jan Converting Units of Length.pptxDownload
 Wednesday 13th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 Wednesday's comprehension.docxDownload
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Tuesday 12th January

Good morning Year 4.  We hope you had a good day yesterday and managed to get out and about in the fresh air.  We know that, despite the cold, getting outside really lifts our spirits at the moment.  Let us know in our Zooms what you have been doing to keep active during Lockdown!

See below for today's learning.  This afternoon's activity is Science, and our new topic is... 'Changing States'.  Enjoy!

 English week 2 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 12th Jan Converting units of volume & capacity ppt.pptxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 12th Jan Converting units of volume & mass Destination Questions.docxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 12th Jan Converting Units of Volume Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Science - Solids, liquids and cases activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 Tuesday's adverbial task 1.pdfDownload
 Tuesday's adverbial task 2.pdfDownload
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Monday 11th January

Welcome back everyone!  We hope you had a restful weekend.

Please see below for today's tasksheet and resources for the sessions.  This afternoon's work will be completed online, so there is no need to email your class teacher today.  We will be providing feedback for Maths and English during the Zoom sessions.

We have also uploaded two Maths posters which you may like to display in your home, just like we would do at school!  You may find it helpful to refer to these posters if you need some help.

Have a great day everyone :)

 English week 2 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Monday 11th Jan Converting units of mass Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Maths Monday 11th Jan Converting units of mass ppt.pptxDownload
 Maths Week 2 Measurement Conversion Poster.pdfDownload
 Maths Week 2 Measurement Conversions Display Posters.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 Monday's comprehension.docxDownload
 PSHE - Balanced diet activity.pdfDownload
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Archive:  Spring 1 week 1

Friday 8th January

It's Friday!  Well done everyone on a successful first week of home learning.  We are so proud of you all! 

Please see below for today's tasksheet and resources.  As mentioned on the tasksheet, this afternoon your teachers will be busy preparing lessons and resources for the week ahead (just like we would normally at school), so we kindly ask that you do not email us work today for feedback.  Feedback will be given during the English and Maths Zooms when we mark our work together.

Many thanks for your understanding and have a lovely weekend.

 Computing - Activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Contraction apostrophe activity lesson 4.pdfDownload
 English week 1 Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Friday 8th January EMW.pptxDownload
 Friday 8th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 Maths Friday 8th Jan Ariithmetic Test 1.pdfDownload
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Thursday 7th January

We hope you all had a good day yesterday and are keeping safe.

Please see below for the today's tasksheet and resources.  We look forward to seeing you all on Zoom!

 English week 1 Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Geography - Make a Tsunami.pdfDownload
 Geography - Tsunami presentation.pptxDownload
 Maths Thursday 7th Jan More Scaling Activity sheet Challange 1.docxDownload
 Maths Thursday 7th Jan More Scaling Activity sheet Challenge 2.docxDownload
 Maths Thursday 7th January Destination questions.docxDownload
 Maths Thursday 7th January More Scaling ppt.pptxDownload
 Thursday 7th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 Tsunami - reading comprehension.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 6th January

Well done everybody on a successful first day of home learning!  We really enjoyed seeing all of you on Zoom and we have been impressed with the standard of work we have received.  Parents and carers, we know the juggling act at home is a challenge so thank you all for your support as we all get used to these new ways of learning.

The zoom links and timetable will remain the same each day, so please click on the links above to join the sessions. We would ask that children please have their videos on.  This improves the quality of the teaching and learning experience immensely as we are able to interact more easily during the session.  Please download the daily tasksheet for an overview of the day.  All resources required are uploaded below.


 English week 1 Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Geography - Earthquakes.pptxDownload
 Maths Wednesday 6th Jan Challenge 1 Scaling questions.docxDownload
 Maths Wednesday 6th Jan Scaling Activity Sheets Challanges 2, 3 & ext.pdfDownload
 Maths Wednesday 6th Jan Scaling ppt.pptxDownload
 Possessive apostrophe activity lesson 2.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6th January tasksheet.docxDownload
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Tuesday 5th January

Please see below for resources for today's learning.

 English week 1 Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 5th Jan Factor Pairs Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Maths Tuesday 5th Jan Factor Pairs Destination Questions.docxDownload
 Maths Tuesday 5th Jan Factor Pairs ppt.pptxDownload
 Science - Food Chains.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 5th January tasksheet.docxDownload
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Monday 4th January:  Remote Learning

We hope you all had a restful Christmas break with your families.  We are very sad not to see you all back in school, but hope that in this strange and challenging times you are all keeping safe and well.  Live zoom sessions will begin tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January) and we will post links for these on the webpage later today. 


Your daily routine at home will look like this:

8.45 - Early morning workout

9.15 - 10.30 - Register and Maths Zoom (4H - Ms Hill, 4SG - Mrs Gammon)

10.30 - Break

11.00 - 12.15 - English Zoom (4H - Ms Hill, 4SG - Ms Stanton)

12.15 - Lunch

1.15 - Foundation subject learning


For today's home learning please open the word document called 'Monday 4th January - tasksheet' for an overview.  All the resources that you will need are uploaded below. 

We hope you have a enjoyable first day of home learning and we look forward to seeing you live on Zoom tomorrow. 

 English - Healthy Eating reading comprehension.pdfDownload
 Monday 4th January tasksheet.docxDownload
 PSHE - Healthy Eating Powerpoint.pptxDownload
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Ancient Egyptian Day


This term our topic is 'Anglo Saxons'. We will be learning about where why and how the Anglo Saxons came and how lived using a cross curricular approach. Subjects linked are: English, DT, Art and Geography. 

We are hoping to use another History workshop to engage the children this term. We will let you know when we have an update.  



Our topic this term is States of matter. The children will learn about solid, liquids and gases. They will compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. Observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled, and measure or research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius (°C). And identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature

You may find the following website useful:





Please ensure fully named PE kits are in school. 

4H - Monday afternoon

4SG - Tuesday morning






Useful Websites



Please find your child's log in details in their Reading Record.  If you have any questions, please come and see us.


Purple Mash

https://www.purplemash.com/cranborneen6 can 





This term we are focusing on the following topics:.

  • multiplication 
  • division
  • fractions
  • measures
  • problem solving
  • properties of shape
  • geometry

How can I help my child?

Ask your child to explain to you what they have done during the school day.  Ask your children to pretend to be the teacher and explain the methods that they have learnt in class.  Please look on Purple Mash and Mathletics for tasks that will support your child's learning.  

Mental fluency 

 Helping your child with their mental fluency is the most effective way to improve your children's skills.

Please ensure you are helping your child by asking them questions on the following topics:

  • Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000
  • Halving numbers - even tricky ones such as 72 
  • Doubling numbers 
  • Adding 
  • Subtracting
  • Telling the time




In the summer term, all children in the UK will be sitting a government timetable test. They will be expected the know all their multiplication facts ( times tables) up to 12 x 12 and recall these at speed. The test will be on the Ipads and they will have 5 seconds to answer the questions.

Please support your child by practicing regularly home. Each week we will be focusing on a different multiplication table and every Friday the children will be doing a test based on their tables they have learnt so far.

We will be sending home the children’s scores so you can continue to support as necessary.


Working from home

If your child is isolating at home, but well enough to complete work, please see below for their work to complete at home.

We suggest that each day your child should complete the following:

Maths (White Rose), English (Oak academy or Bitesize), Independent reading and a Science task..



Choose one of the following

Click on the link for lessons, starting at week 1.



Use the BBC link to pick your lesson from the day. 



You may like to explore these lessons from Oak Academy.




Click on the link to a sequence of lessons all about Instructions.




Make a poster on Solids, Liquids and Gases. Use the following website to help you. 




Welcome to Spring 1!  Our first English unit will be 'Character descriptions'.  We will be using Beowulf as our core text. The children will be using noun phrases and high levelled adjectives to describe the monster in Beowulf. 

The next unit will be persuasive writing. Again this will be linked to Beowulf. 

Well done to those children who have been given their pen licenses.  We are really impressed with the handwriting in Year 4 so far.  Keep up the good work!



Each week we will send home spellings to learn from the Y3/4 common exception words list.  Please support your child in learning to spell these words from memory.


See below for a list of Y3/4 Common Exception words and the Y1/2 lists.




Helping children to develop a love of reading is our passion at Cranborne.  In order to develop their fluency and comprehension skills, pupils are expected to read everyday for at least 10 minutes (from a variety of texts) and have their reading record signed. These will be checked regularly. 

While the library is out of action, we will ensure that your child has appropriate reading material from our class libraries. 

We will continue to use the Accelerate Reader programme and quizzes in school.



Home work will be sent home on Thursday, to be returned on the following Tuesday.  Your child will be complete:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Spellings (to be tested on Tuesdays)
  • Grammar skills activity
  • Maths skills activity

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher if you have any further questions.



School closure

In the event of school closure, all work will be set via the school webpage.

If your child is required to self isolate, please inform your child's class teacher and we will provide work for them to complete.

Dates for your diaries

Monday 4th January - First day back 

Friday 8th January - Swimming starts again 



Curriculum Overview


See below for an overview of the curriculum subjects we will be teaching this year.