Remote Learning

Every morning, we will be registering the children and teaching a live English and Math lesson. These will start at the following times;


PE activity 


Registration and form time via zoom 


First live lesson (English or Maths) 




Second live lesson (English or Maths) 




Foundation subject learning 


Finish for the day 



  • Ensure that you are sitting in a space where you can concentrate and learn without any distractions.
  •  Have a pencil and some paper ready with you to practise your work.
  • Write your own name on your Zoom so that we know it is you and can get you in - we will only admit joiners in the waiting room that we recognise
  • Be ready a few minutes before the time stated so we can start registration promptly at 9.15am.

Please you ensure that you attend the zoom sessions by clicking on the links below. 

 Zoom links:

   3ID     pwd=eHhkRndFWFNhZ2hWVzA1Q2F5ZEJWZz09



Password Cranborne4


Please email your work into both your class teacher and your class TA by 1pm. 


Mrs Davis (Monday to Wednesday)  

Mrs Ingrey (Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Wasilewski


Mrs C - 

Miss Jay-

 Wednesday 20th  January 2021


Zooms this week. 


The morning lessons will continue as normal.

Monday 1.30 - whole year group science lesson with Mrs Davis. Please use 31D Zoom link


Wednesday 1.30 - Key skills with Mrs C. Please use 3C link.


Friday 1.30 Mental fluency with Mrs Ingrey. Please use 31D link. 

Physical activity 

It's time to get up and moving ! 

Our wonderful sports coach has put together some activities. Please see the document in the documents below. 



We are going to be practicing our halving skills today



We are going to be continuing reading about the horrible Mrs Trunchball, and finding out about similes.



Key Skills Session with Mrs C at 1.30pm - Weds



Independent Activities – Tuesday 19th January

Look at the challenge sheets and choose the ones you would like to complete. Decide what force you are looking at – you can use the notes you made in the Zoom session to help you. Record your results in whatever way you would like to. This could be

  • A drawing with labels
  • A piece of writing
  • A video of you completing the tasks and talking about your findings
  • A phot of you completing the activities
  • A fact file
  • A power point presentation

Please email your completed work to your teachers and TA by Wednesday 20th January.


If you need to watch the videos again then here is the link

Username: student15821

Password: rocket

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