Welcome to Year One! 


Homework will be set and displayed on the website as, at the moment, homework books cannot go home. Homework will be sent out on Thursday and is to be completed by Tuesday.  Homework will be skills based. 

Homework for Thursday 16th September and due on Tuesday 22nd September.

Maths  Grammar  Spellings

Please log on to your mathletics account to access your maths homework - Matching numbers to 10. 





















Please log into Purple Mash to access the 2do set for you this week. You will be practicising the sounds 'y' 'z', 'zz' and 'qu' 

If you would like an extra challenge, have a go at completing one of these reading comprehension worksheets about Jack and the Beanstalk.

homework comprehension.pdf















These words will be this weeks spelling words. You can practise spellings in lots of ways such as; writing it in different colours or using 'Look, say, cover, write and check'. You could make the words by cutting up letters and putting them back together again to spell out the word correctly.









Miss Blanche

Miss Bransom

Miss Ribbons


Miss Taylor-Hall


Mrs Ranaweera 


Home Learning 


PLEASE WATCH THE GRUFFALO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8sUPpPc8Ws

Ideas for your learning: 

  1. Draw a picture of one of the characters and write adjectives (describing words) around the outside. 
  2. Rewrite a part of the story. 
  3. Sequence the story and rewrite your favourite part. 
  4. Write a diary entry as if you are The Gruffalo 

Please also use your purple mash accounts to complete phonics and grammar games. 


Please use read write inc videos to practise your sounds


You can also find reading books at https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

Here is some more information on read write inc phonics



At school this term, we are learning about numbers to 10. Please follow this link to complete similar learning.


Please also use your mathletics accounts to complete games. 


We are learning all about animals in Science. Please follow this link to find lessons all about the animal kingdom. 



We are learning about famous explorers and their impact on travel. We are also learning how travel has changed over time. Please follow this link to learn about this. 


Please follow this link to find out about the seven continents.




Key dates Autumn Term:

  • Tuesday 1st September - Inset Day (no children please)
  • Wednesday 2nd September- First day for all children
  • Wednesday 16th September - Virtual parents information evening 5:30.
  • Tuesday 6th October - Harvest festival celebration in classrooms
  • Friday 16th October - Last day of term
  • Monday 19th October to Friday 30th October 2020 - Half term
  • Wednesday 11th November - Parents evening  5-8
  • Thursday 12th November - Parents evening 3:30-6:30
  • Friday 18th December - Last day of term
  • Monday 4th January - First day for all children

Key information:

  • Please remember that all children need a water bottle in school every day.
  • Children need to have a PE kit in school every day.
  • Let your child's teacher know if someone other than you is collecting your child or call the office.


  • Set on a Thursday, and due on a Tuesday.
  • This will be skills based. Maths, grammar, spelling and reading


Oxford Owl have some great online e-books that you can read with your children. They link closely to the book bands too!     


Phonics Play 






BBC Bitesize Daily 




Purple Mash



Our learning this term...

Maths :

As part of our transition from Early Years Foundation Stage we will be incorporating some Reception skills into our Year 1 curriculum. We will be focusing carefully on numbers up to 10, ensuring that the children have a secure understanding of these numbers, which will enable them to confidently manipulate them and use them in different contexts.

During the Autumn term we will be learning about:

  • Numbers: ordering numbers, finding patters, counting and comparing, estimating and ordering, breaking numbers into different parts and solving problems.
  • 2D and 3D shapes.

Mental fluency:

  • Counting to and back from  20
  • Recalling number bonds to 10
  • Recalling number bonds to single digit numbers
  • 1 more and 1 less than a given number

English :

During the Autumn term we will be looking at the following books :

  • The colour monster
  • Here we are
  • Whatever next

Letter formation, handwriting and presentation.

Letter families
Looking at what letter families each letter belongs to. We have:
Curly caterpillar letters: c, a, o, q, g, d, e, s, f. All of these letters start in the middle of the line and start with a c shape and then you carry on with the rest of the letter.
One armed robot letters: r, m, n, h, b, k, p. For these letters you need to start at the top of the letter and travel down and back up again and then over.
Ladder letters: l, I, j, t, u, y. All of these letters you need to start at the top of the letter and travel down.
Zig zag letters: v, w, x, z. These letters are all very straight and have no curves!

 When writing on a line all letters should be on the line. Some letters have descenders where part of the letters go under the line, such as: y,g,q, p.
Some letters have ascenders where part of the letter is taller than the rest, such as: d, h, t, b.

Capital letters should always be bigger than the other letters.


Phonics :

Phonics is  a really important part of the Year 1 curriculum. The children should now know their initial sounds. We will now be looking at digraphs. A digraph is where two letters make one sound such as 'sh' 'ee' and 'th'. The children will be reading words with these sounds in and also writing words with these sounds in. The children will then apply this knowledge in their reading and writing in class.

Each day the children will be learning a new sound.

Below is the order we will be teaching the sounds.


Science :

During the Autumn term we will be learning at Animals including Humans. We will be looking at how are bodies are really clever and use 5 different senses. We will also be looking at the different animal groups such as: insects and mammals. We will then look at how different animals eat different things and how this puts them into different category groups (herbivore, carnivore and omnivore). We will be looking at how different animals live, where and why - linking to our Topic lessons.


In computing we will be using the purple mash programme. We will start off by allowing the children to experiment with the programme ensuring that they are confident to log in and find different aspects such as games and learning tools. The children will be creating an avatar with us and doing a paint project which they will learn to save and open another time. The children will combine their computing skills and other subject skills such as music and counting. The children will be showing findings of polls in a graph too.


Our topic this term is 'Journeys around the World'.  We will be looking at important people who have made significant journeys around the world and looking at where in the world they travelled to and from. We will also be looking at people who have contributed to travel and how it has changed over time. We will be looking at people such as Christopher Columbus, The Wright brothers and Neil Armstrong. We will be looking at the different Continents and Oceans of the world, where they are and what special landmarks they hold.