Welcome to Year One 





Class News

  • Welcome to Year One!  Your staff in Year One are Miss Blanche (teacher), Mrs Reynolds (TA in 1B), Mrs Sinclair (teacher) and Mrs Alexander (TA in 1S).

  • Our final term!  The year has gone so quick!  It has been a fantastic year and the children have made brilliant progress, not just in their learning but also emotionally, socially and with their confidence.
  • This term we will be spending time getting ready for Year Two; developing working independently and looking at some of the skills required for next year.
  • Please keep mental maths skills sharp - we have noticed many of the children are finding it tricky to add and take away two small numbers in their heads, eg 4 + 2, 8 - 1.
  • Please remember that if you have any worries, concerns or issues come and chat with us - we have more time at the end of the day.
  • Just in case of snow (!!!!!) click here.


Key dates to remember:

 Monday 24th June - Music concert

Friday 28th June - Sports Day

Thursday 11th July - transition day and exhibition evening

Sunday 14th July - Summer Fayre

Friday 19th July - break up at 1.15pm





*Making two digit numbers - place value.

*Working with numbers twenty - understanding ty numbers end in 0, teen numbers start with a 1.

*Doubling and halving and knowing these facts by heart.

*Odd and even numbers.


*Adding and subtracting over twenty - using strategies such as counting on from, counting back from.

*Comparing numbers, language of greater than, less than, etc.

*Money - recognizing coins, understanding values, making amounts.

*Multiplication as repeated addition.

*Division as sharing equally into groups.

Mental Fluency

*Single digit number bonds.

*Number bonds of ten.

*Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s. 





Filming Instructions

*Linked to our DT of making a fruit salad.

*Using the filming function on ipads.

*how to say and give clear instructions.

*Holding the camera still.

*Starting and stopping recording.





*Handwriting - formation, letter size and positioning on the line.

*Spellings - tricky words and using in context.

*Sentences - usig a range of conjunctions (and, because so, then) to extend sentences, usng adjectives, using more adventurous vocabulary, using exclamation marks and question marks.  Writing at length - starting to write about a page.

*Using phonic skills to sound out shorter and longer words.  Use digraphs when sounding out.  Start using more complex digraphs.

*Reading longer words, recognising more complex digraphs in words, developing word recognition, reading with more fluency.  Answering question on basic comprehension.   




This term we will be making fruit salad.  We will be tasting fruit, designing our own fruit salad, making it by using a knife to chop up the fruit, tasting it and then evauating it.  We will also be reading Handa's Surprise as our literacy link.






This term we are very lucky to be doing PE with Mr Roberts, our PE coach.  We will also be practising for sports day.




*Parts of plants.

*Purpose of the parts of plants.

*How to grow a seed and growing our own seeds.

*What a plant needs to survive.

*Naming basic, local plants eg buttercup, daisy, rose, bluebell, snowdrop, lavender.

*Naming evergreen and deciduous trees - and knowing the difference.






*This term each class will spend a half term with Mrs Dibden, our resident artist.  Look out for the art work on exhibition evening!



Our Local Area

 *Locating the UK on a world map.

*Naming the four countries of the UK.

*Naming capital cecities and looking at the flags.

*Looking at key landmarks in each country.

*Looking at where Potters Bar is in the UK.

*Looking at how the land is used in Potters Bar and linking to man made and natural.