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Deadline to apply for a Reception place for September 2018 is Monday 15th January

Learning Mentor and Family Support Workers

At Cranbourne we take our pastoral care really seriously. We know that children learn well when they haven't got worries or concerns. The role of the learning mentor is to help remove any barriers to learning by working alongside the child and the family. 

Sometimes this means that we work with other agencies or resources. One such resource if the Family Support Worker service. 

It is their role to work with Hertsmere Schools, families, parents, carers 'and agencies to enable children and young people, at risk of not achieving due to unmet needs, to have full access to educational opportunities and overcome the barriers to learning; and to prevent needs escalating to require intervention by more specialist services or local care. They can help with establishing good routines, financial difficulties, behavior management, sleeping, deprivation, social difficulties, housing and many other needs. They also run excellent courses to support parenting and key skills. Please contact our Inclusion leader if you wish to access this service and she will be happy to assist you.

Mrs Jhugroo our Learning Mentor


I am Mrs Jhugroo, your Learning Mentor at Cranborne Primary School. You can find me in the Little Room near the school hall. My room is a safe place decorated with brightly coloured flowers and birds, soft furnishings, beautiful smelling candles and relaxing music. You are always welcome to my room to talk to me about whatever is on your mind, whether it’s happy or sad, exciting or scary….

You may have worries, like:

  • someone or something has upset you on the playground, in class or at home
  • you’ve lost someone very close to you
  • you feel you’re getting angry too quickly
  • you feel sad or lonely
  • you’ve read or seen something online or in books that you don’t quite understand

You can talk to me about anything, even if it’s awful or small. I am here, firstly to listen to you and then we can work together to make you feel better. Leave me a message in my worry box if I’m not in my room.

Let’s work together to keep everyone smiling'