Cranborne French Day - Monday 20th March

The United Nations French language day is celebrated annually on 20th March. This year we have chosen this date to hold our first Cranborne French Day which will run in place of our normal school timetable. Children will spend the day learning about different aspects of French culture and history. Teachers are currently signing up for different activities (an exciting example of a DT related task will be to create an Eiffel Tower from straws!). We are really looking forward to a fun and interesting day and hope to finalise the schedule shortly. 



All children in Key Stages 1 and  2 should have a personal login for the Languagenut website – a fantastic resource in which Cranborne has recently invested.
The site allows children to practice their listening, reading and writing skills in support of their weekly French lessons.  Please encourage your child to use the website at home.

There are lots of fun games - why not test your knowledge against your child's?

All classes have been shown how to use the site just before half-term. The feedback has been very positive so we would love to build on this enthusiasm.

If your child's login isn't working, please let your class teacher know and this will be addressed as soon as possible.


Why learn a foreign language?

The ability to speak a second language is a skill highly prized by employers, as well as being a doorway to learning about other cultures and the wider world. 
As a school we are aiming to emphasise the benefits of learning foreign languages, especially French – an official language in 29 countries, spoken by more than 250 million people. 

We are attempting to make French a more common aspect of our daily routine at Cranborne in order to accelerate our children's learning. You can help too!