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Deadline to apply for a Reception place for September 2018 is Monday 15th January


At Cranborne,  Computing is taught weekly in each class. It is a popular subject as lessons are fun and engaging. Computing is taught using either ipads or laptops and during lessons children are encouraged to use their imagination to create games, blogs, videos and presentations. The computing curriculum is divided into three areas; Computer Science, Digital Literacy and information technology. E-safety is a strand of Computing which is embedded into all units that are taught. For more information about E-safety at Cranborne please click here.

Programmes and Apps we use to teach Computing 


Daisy the Dinosaur
Bee Bot
Scratch Junior
 Angry Birds
Garage Band
PuppetPals HD
Tux Paint
Our Story





Other Apps we love:



Anti - Cyberbullying work photos  

We have focused on Cyberbullying at Cranborne this term. We had an anti-cyberbulling week at school to look at what this was and how to deal with it.

Each classroom had a different scenario in it. We visited each classroom and discussed what we would do. We read responses from others and annotated the paper.


Have a look at our work below. What do you think? What would you do?