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School finishes for the Summer break at 1:15pm on Friday 21st July - Have a wonderful Summer everyone!

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5's class page! Here you will find information about our fantastic learning and experiences, class information, homework and any other news. Enjoy! Mrs Hodgetts, Miss Blanche and Miss Parnell

Class news

 To support your child's Maths at home - please use the Mathletics website. This is a really engaging resource for the children to use where they can play games and listen to times tables tunes! We really recommend it :) Each child should have a login and password. If you require another copy of this then please let us know.



Year 5 newsletter

Please find attached the Spring newsletter containing information needed for this term.


Homework - class projects

If the children are given any project based homework such as preparing a presentation, you can send the homework to the emails below.





Over the next few weeks in Literacy we will be looking at the story 'Alice's adventures in wonderland.' We will start off by looking into the characters and the setting. 


During this unit we will be learning new skills and recapping skills we have already learnt, such as:
Apostrophes and when we use them.

Inverted commas

Modal verbs

Reinforcing conjunctions 

Oppositional conjunctions



For the children's final piece of writing they will be looking at the features of, and picking apart, a discussion text. This is to support them in writing their own discussion using ideas from the text. The writing will be based on the part of the story when Alice is arrested. 
Should she go to jail or should she be set free?


See if your child can tell you all about the story so far! Can they predict what is going to happen? What do they really think to the characters in the story?

GaPS (grammar, punctuation, spellings) 



Test 24th Apirl

Miss Parnell

Quickly, sadly, automobile, antiseptic, finally, supernatural, perfectly, happily, quietly, operation

Mrs Hodgetts and Miss Blanche

Debt, knife, lamb, adorable, enjoyable, admirable, horrible, likeable, terrible, physically

Please encourage your children to use the spelling words at home when you are having conversations together.

Attached is a look, say, cover, write, check sheet which you may download for the children to use to practice their spellings at home.


Attached is the National Curriculum document containing the year 3/4 and year 5/6 spellings for children to learn throughout the year. Every couple of weeks some of these spellings will be set for spelling homework.   


WB: 14.11.16


  • The children will be re-capping the grid method for multiplying large numbers

  • They will then move onto learning how to multiply larger numbers using the expanded method. This is a much more efficient method for multiplication.
  • Homework set on Thursday 17th will be based upon these methods.
  • If any parents wish to ask about any of these methods that we teach our children then please feel free to make an appointment with one of us :)

Below is a video of Ola explaining steps to success using the grid method! As a class we also made a success criteria for our maths working wall display!  

Here is Rory and Sophia explaining to the class how to order decimal numbers in ascending and descending order. We placed these videos from the ipad on the help desk incase anyone got stuck! These two were fab at explaining and their work was used as WAGOLLS


Please use the mathletics website to support your child's learning in the work we do in class weekly. There are some times tables songs that will help the children grasp their multiplication facts quickly in a fun and engaging way.

Please use the website above to find some fun maths games. 

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This term in Science our topic is The Earth, Sun and Moon. We have started the topic by finding out what the children already know and what things they are looking forward to learning about. We asked the children any questions they had, that we could answer in class. It was identified that the children really wanted to know about the planets, how we have day and night and they wanted to know more information about the sun and the moon. We will make sure that all these areas are covered!


Our trip the the Greenwhich Royal Observatory was a huge success! The children learn so many new things in a real visual way. We will be using the skills and knowledge children learnt in the classroom. 

Thank you again to all the children who have competed their space homework, we have got some amazing models of the solar systems and the planets. They are making our KS 2 corridor look very colourful and scientific!



Indoor PE-Salsa dancing



Outdoor PE-Hockey