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A huge well done to Friends of Cranborne for organising fantastic events for our children this term. So far they have raised well over £8000 from the Fireworks, School Disco and Tesco Blue Token Scheme. Thanks to everyone who has attended events and supported the Friends with their fundraising efforts


Year 4

 Welcome to Year 4!

Here you will find photographs of all the exciting learning going on in our classes, links to websites to support learning and links to the latest homework.

We hope you find this page useful and enjoy having an insight into our class.

Mrs Khan, Mrs Caldwell, Mrs Hughes, Mr Balchin and Mrs McCarthy 


Super Science


During Science this term, we have been learning about Electricity. Children are able to name common household appliances and can name whether it takes batteries or mains. We have also looked at circuits and can identify what circuit will make a lamp work but can also identify the reasons a lamp may not be working.

Children are able to add switches into a circuit and can identify materials which are conductors and insulators.


For this science unit, we linked RE and DT in with it so we could create Diva Lamps which could light up. We then used this in our assembly where we retold the story of Rama and Sita.



Useful Websites:

Please remember to make use of the above websites. They will help reinforce learning at home and they are really fun to use!!

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Please come and see us if there are any problems.


We have produced some great work in our art lessons. Currently, we are looking at the French painters Georges Seurat and Henri Matisse.



Speedstacking Tournament Victory!

On Monday 30th January, 24 Year 4 children waked to Dame Alice Owen's School to participate in a Speedstacking Tournament.

It was an extremely close competition, but due to some fantastic team work and sgreat upport for each other, we managed to win the trophy. Well done everyone! 

Magnificent Maths  

In maths this term, we have learnt so much. We have learnt a written method for addition and subtraction and we will be moving on to learning how to use grid method for multiplying and chunking for division. We have also learnt about decimals and fractions.

We have learnt how to convert between different units of measurement by multiplying or dividing numbers. 

We always make sure we are challenging ourselves and we know that good learning takes place when we are Stuck in the Pit!


Please make sure that you practice reading the time on digital and analogue clocks as this will be a focus soon!


Big School Birdwatch

On Thursday 9th February, Year 4 took part in the RSPB Big School Birdwatch. We spent an hour spotting and identifying birds that visit our school environment. We really enjoyed the birdspotting and were surprised by how many birds came on to our field...despite noisy PE lessons going on!

We have submitted our data to the RSPB.



We have left!!

Keep up to date with our journey on this page!!


Enjoying our journey to Kingswood...some of us fell asleep - the excitement was too much!!

WE HAVE ARRIVED!!! After struggling with our bedding (some of us), we decided to look around our adventure lodges....WE LOVE THEM!!!! 

Our first activity completed! It was a challenge but we LOVED it! 

Dinner time and an evening activity of Bottle Rockets. We had to make our own rockets using plastic bottles filled with some water. We then used a pump to fill it with air to see how far it would go. 

Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket

High Aboard

Bottle rockets


DAY 2 - All smiles this morning and a yummy breakfast to start off our day. All well rested and can't wait for our next set of challenges...adults included!! 

This afternoon - brave children try out some high antics!

More from Kingswood (Thursday's activities.)

Evening activity - Trail of Mystery...

Adults all took a role on being a suspect for a murder case...Who killed the headteacher? Children had to question them and decide who they thought the culprit was... Who do you think looks suspicious?

DAY 3 - The last set of activities before we set off home :(

What year 4 think of Kingswood so far...

"I wish I could stay longer, I could live here for a year!"

"This is the best dinner I've ever had!"

"I realized how much I enjoy working with others."

"I'm really going to miss this place when I go home."


We LOVE Literacy!

In Literacy this term, we read a book by the author Michael Morpurgo. The book was called 'The Butterfly Lion' and it had us all completely hooked! The book inspired us to write our own stories and we have created a class book to go on our bookshelf. (We have also sent stories to Michael Morpurgo and are waiting for his response!)

We also really enjoyed reading and responding to a range of poems. We decided that 'The Highwayman' poem was very sad but was fantastic at telling a story.

Come and read some of our favourite poems in our class poetry book! 

British Values

Year 4 had a wonderful time learning about all the different British Values. They visited different classes and learnt about different faiths, religions and disabilities.

 On Monday, we looked at different religions. We focused on Hinduism and we looked at the a celebration called Raksha Bandhan. Children made their own sacred threads and gave them to people to show they would always be there to look after and protect them. We also had the privilege of a mendhi artist come in and design henna as this is what would happen during the celebration.


During DT, we have been looking at a unit called 'Light it Up'. This unit involves making circuits with a switch. We decided to make a cross curricular link and design a Diva Lamp, to link with our RE unit - Hinduism. We used clay to create the lamp and used various techniques in order to create a lamp style shape.


We then created a circuit and some of us used wire cutters. We build the circuit within the clay and tried to cover up the wires. Once our circuit was working, we used some foil to create a switch so we could turn the lamp on and off.  Jake Caras - "The hardest part was molding the clay into the shape we wanted."


We then created Rangoli patters to decorate our diva lamps as this is what Hindus used to decorate their homes.


Year 4 were lucky enough to have a music session with a music school called Rock Steady! There were all sorts of musical equipment to play but we also used ourselves to create rhythm and beats.

Everyone had so much fun!