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A huge well done to Friends of Cranborne for organising fantastic events for our children this term. So far they have raised well over £8000 from the Fireworks, School Disco and Tesco Blue Token Scheme. Thanks to everyone who has attended events and supported the Friends with their fundraising efforts


Welcome to Year One 





Class News

  • Welcome to Year One!  Your staff in Year One are Miss Blanche (teacher), Mrs Wasilewski (TA in 1B), Mrs Sinclair (teacher), Mrs Reynolds (TA in 1S), Miss Caffell (LSA in 1S) and Mrs Ranaweera (LSA in 1S).

  • Welcome to a new year and a new start!!!  We are very excited about the new year and hope your children are too! 
  • We will start the year by getting to know your children and letting them get to know us too. 
  • We will keep our structure as close to Reception as we can - so lots of learning through play and nice practical activities.
  • Just in case of snow (!!!!!) click here.


Our maths learning at the moment is ...


*Beadstring work - how to use a beadstring, making numbers with beadstrings, eg 13 would be a block of ten with three more.

*Linking this to the new bar method developed during INSET day.

*Focussing on two digit numbers up to 20 then to 100.

*Ordering numbers - both consecutive numbers and groups of numbers, eg 12, 13, 14 AND 12, 45, 62.

*One more and one less than a number - using objects and number lines then doing this mentally.

*Number bonds to ten - these are maths facts that the children must know in their heads and be able to recall very quickly.  Eg, 8+2, 7+3, 9+1, etc.

How you can help at home:

*Practise counting forwards and backwards up to 20 and beyond.

*Practise reading and writing two digit numbers.

*Practise finding one more and one less than numbers.

*Testing on number bonds.





This half term's computing is...

Hunting for treasure

We will be learning to: 

*Directional vocab

*Moving toys


*Programming on ipads

*Debugging and fixing incorrect instructions.





Our literacy learning at the moment is ...


*Reading known stories and some traditional stories.

*Talking about and developing comprehension.

*Writing about the stories - this may be labeling characters, having a go at writing part of the story, pretending to be a character and writing what they say, etc.

*We will focus on key literacy skills of capital letters, spaces and full stops.

*We will look at spelling simple tricky words and then using our sounds to sound out more unusual, longer words.

*Some of the stories we will look at will be: The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child, Goldilocks, Snow White, Hansel and Gretal, Owl Babies.


How you can help at home:

*Reading different stories at bedtime or at other times in the day.

*Reading the above stories.

*Practise writing at home - think about letter formation and spaces between words.





*Large ball skills

*Throwing and catching

*Bouncing balls

*Rolling balls

*Kicking balls




This term’s science learning is ... 

Woodlands and Trees

  • Looking at the trees in our local environment.
  • Naming some trees eg Sycamore, Oak, horse chestnut, silver birch.
  • Looking at the changes of trees from Summer to Autumn - leaf changes.
  • Naming parts of trees.
  • Looking at different seeds, eg conkers, acorns, etc.


This term we are very fortunate; Art will be taught by Mrs Dibden who has been working with our school over the past few years.  She is an art specialist and is an expert in teaching art and drawing skills to the children.  For the first half term she will work with 1B and for the second half term she will work with 1S.


This term's topic learning is...


 We will be:

*Visiting our pond area.

* Finding out about the different trees and shrubs.

*Creating maps of the pond.

*Walking around the school environment.

*Making maps of the school.

*Looking at man made and natural objects.