Welcome to Year One 





Class News

  • Welcome to Year One!  Your staff in Year One are Miss Blanche (teacher), Mrs Reynolds (TA in 1B), Mrs Sinclair (teacher) and Mrs Alexander (TA in 1S).

  • Welcome to Year One!  It is a fun year where children make amazing progress; academically, emotionally and socially. 
  • This term we will be developing independence in learning even further by encouraging the children to work completely on their own. 
  • We are having a competition each week to see who keeps the tidiest classroom - this is across the school - the winner gets a prize!!!
  • Please keep mental maths skills sharp - we have noticed many of the children are finding it tricky to add and take away two small numbers in their heads, eg 4 + 2, 8 - 1.
  • Please remember that if you have any worries, concerns or issues come and chat with us - we have more time at the end of the day.
  • Just in case of snow (!!!!!) click here.


Key dates to remember:

 *Penny War - starts Monday 28th January

*Parents evening - Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th February.

Half Term - Monday 18th February to Friday 22nd February

*Lee Valley Farm Trip - Thursday 21st March

*Easter holidays start - Monday 8th April





*Making two digit numbers - place value.

*Working with number over ten and over twenty.

*Doubling and halving and knowing these facts by heart.

*Odd ad even numbers.


*Adding and subtracting over ten - using strategies such as counting on from, counting back from.

*Comparing numbers, language of greater than, less than, etc.

*Money - recognizing coins, understanding values, making amounts.


Mental Fluency

*Single digit number bonds.

*Number bonds of ten.

*Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s. 





Drawing pictures on ICT

*Changing pencil type and colour. 

*Changing size and thickness of pencils and pens.

*Controlling to draw accurately.

*Changing background colours, etc.

*Adding effects.

*Using tools such as drawing shapes.





*Handwriting - formation, letter size and positioning on the line.

*Spellings - tricky words and using in context.

*Sentences - developing to make longer using the conjunction 'and'.  Making more interesting with a range of vocabulary and adjectives.  Reinforcing basic sentence structure of capitalers, spaces, full stops.

*Using phonic skills to sound out shorter and longer words.  Use digraphs when sounding out.  Start using more complex digraphs.

*Reading longer words, recognising more complex digraphs in words, developing word recognition, reading with more fluency.  Answering question on basic comprehension.   









*Jumping - landing safely, types of jumps eg tuck jump, star jump, etc.


*Throwing and aiming games.

*Working in teams.




*Identifying different materials and what objects are made from.

*Waterproof materials.

*Absorbent materials.

*Why objects are made from certain materials.

Properties - bendy, stretchy, fragile, transparent, opaque, strong, rigid, flexible.



*Types of animals.

*Where in the World animals are from and their habitats.

*Groupings - insects, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds.

What they eat - carnivores, herbivores, omnivores.




*Building skills to draw a robot.

*Drawing shapes.

*Putting shapes together to create pictures.

*Looking at straight and curved lines.

*Looking at corners, and sides.




 *Comparing old and new toys.

*Language to describe toys, eg tatty, old, grubby, etc.

*Looking at how toys have changed over the years.

*What toys are made from.