Welcome to Year One 





Class News

  • Welcome to Year One!  Your staff in Year One are Miss Blanche (teacher), Mrs Wasilewski (TA in 1B), Mrs Sinclair (teacher), Mrs Reynolds (TA in 1S), Miss Mountford (LSA in 1S) and Mrs Ranaweera (LSA in 1S).

  • Happy New Year!!  We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing break. So here we are in a new year with new challenges!  
  • This term will step up a bit as we move on from play based learning to more formal learning.  Our day becomes more structured as does our learning.  
  • This term we really need to focus on handwriting and mental maths.  
  • We have update the house targets for both writing and maths so please take a look when the homework books next come home.  
  • Just in case of snow (!!!!!) click here.




*Doubling - using both objects and knowing these umber facts up to 10 + 10

*Halving - understanding a half as one whole shared into two equal parts, both with objects and shapes and then applying to sharing a group of objects and knowing these number facts by heart up to half of 20.

*Odd and even numbers - even numbers can be halved equally.

*Place value - partitioning numbers over 20 up to 100, eg 34 = 30 + 4.  Using beadstrings to make these larger numbers.

*Addition and subtraction of larger numbers - using number lines and hundred grids.


*Telling the time on an analogue clock to the o'clock and half past.

*Understanding the direction of clockwise.

*Knowing which hand is which - minute hand, hour hand and second hand.

*That there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in  day, 7 days in a week.






This half term's computing is...


We are Painters

*Focus on drawing pictures on the ipad

*Use the programme of 'Tux Paint'. 





*Recounts - writing about the things we have done and experienced, using past tense, first person and sequencing language such as first, next, then.

Descriptive pieces - using lots of adjectives and adventurous vocabulary and synonyms (linking this to Mr Potato Head from Toy Story).

*Stories about teddy bears and using story language.

*Instructions - ordering, using numbers, putting things in sequence.






*Floor and apparatus work

*Balancing on different parts of the body.

*Balancing on apparatus


*Bats and balls

*Controlling and striking the ball - to a partner and to a target 




  • Identifying what different objects are made from  
  • Describing the properties of different materials and objects  
  • Looking at materials that absorb water and materials that are waterproof-and what this means.   
  • Focusing on wood, plastic, glass, clay, pot, rubber, cloth.


*Collage - joining different materials to create a picture.

*Lines and different types of paint brushes to create different lines.

*Primary and secondary colours.

*Sculptures with clay and saltdough.




This term's topic learning is...


 *Sorting old and new toys.

*Timeline of computers and teddy bears.

*Comparing old and new and using language that links.

*Hertford Toy Museum will visit us.