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School finishes for the Summer break at 1:15pm on Friday 21st July - Have a wonderful Summer everyone!


Welcome to Year One 





Class News

  • Welcome to Year One!  Your staff in Year One are Mrs Adams (teacher) and Mrs Burrows (teaching assistant) in 1A and Mrs Sinclair (teacher), Mrs Wasilewski (teaching assistant) and Miss Caffell (Learning Support Assistant) in 1S.

  • We are very impressed with how well the children are rising to any challenges we give them!  Not only in learning but in other areas such as taking care and pride in their work and their environment.  They are really growing and maturing inot very responisbile and caring individuals!
  • This term we are placing a lot of emphasis on the children being able to articulate their learning and their next steps.  Please ask them questions that will encourage them to talk about their learning and what they should be doing next.  We are looking at the next stage in their overall learning and their specific targets linked to writing and maths (the focus is mental maths).
  • We have recently noticed that the children need to sharpen their mental adding and subtracting skills!!  Please practise this by asking questions such as 2 + 5, 7 + 4, 9 - 3, etc.
  • We are very focused on phonics this term in preparation for the phonic screening in June.  Please keep practicing finding digraphs and trigraphs on words - especially longer words!


Our maths learning at the moment is ...

Adding and subtracting more than two numbers

*Children will complete a blank number line that they will need to answer the question.

*They will add or subtract two numbers by jumping back using their pencil.


How you can help at home:

*Keep number skills sharp mentally.

*Practise using number lines and hundred grids.

*Using lots of different lanuage for adding and subtracting such as more, total, sum, plus, minus, less than.

* Practise adding and subtracting single digits mentally



This half term's computing is...

We are TV Chefs

We will be learning to: 

*Use a video camera

*Give clear instructions

*Learn to speak slowly and clearly

*Understand that algorithms have to be clear and precise





Our literacy learning at the moment is ...


*Being creative and making up our own stories or parts of stories.

*Rewriting stories we already know.

*Using story language such as once upon a time, one day, etc.

*Using lots of adjectives, wow words and description.

*Extending sentences using conjunctions such as and, because, but, so, etc.

*Using punctuation to add emphasis including exclamation marks, question marks and commas in lists.


How you can help at home:

*Reading different stories at bedtime or at other times in the day.

*Making up your own stories together.

*Use lots of adjectives and descriptive language.




This half term's PE learning is...

Outdoor : Athletics (in preparation for sports day)

*Using a hockey stick and learning to dribble a ball


*Throwing bean bags - aiming

*Egg and spoon race practise



Balancing and Rolling

*Creating shapes with our bodies

*Balancing on different parts of our bodies

*Rolls: pencil rolls, rock and rolls, forward rolls.



This term’s science learning is ... 

Growing Plants

* Looking at the plants in our pond

* Labeling parts of the plant

* Learning what plants need to survive

  • Learning why some plants grow better in Spring and Summer than Autumn and Winter
  • *Learning about the roots of a plant


This term we are very fortunate; Art will be taught by Mrs Dibden who has been working with our school over the past few years.  She is an art specialist and is an expert in teaching art and drawing skills to the children.  For the first half term she will work with 1A and for the second half term she will work with 1S.


This term's topic learning is...

Our Local Area

* We will be:

*Visintig our pond

* Finding out about local land use

*Walking into the woods

*Walking around Potters Bar

We went on our trip to Shepreth Park! We had a great day despite the cold and wet weather. Have a look at our photos from the day!

Maths - Making Money!!